Dear God, it’s Gareth

December 5, 2007 at 11:49 am (religion) (, , , , , , )

Oh dear. Gareth’s gone and done it again. He’s angered the protectors of God’s name once again. Shame.

Not shame for Gareth though – shame for the people who have once again proved that intolerance and hypersensitivity is not doing them any good.  I mean come on. Why must some religious people go completely batty when they suspect even the tiniest whiff of “offensive material”?

Just the other day I wrote about religion and there were so many good comments from religious people who normal. Why can’t everyone just take a page out of their books?

I am so sick and tired of religious people who force their beliefs on others. And I’m so gatvol of those who scream blue murder every time the word God is mentioned. Get over yourselves people. The world has bigger problems than some guy on radio saying something you don’t like.

Rather use that energy you’re expending on this to find food for hungry kids or volunteer at an old age home. Surely God would look more favourably on that than you yakking on about Gareth Cliff’s “offensive comments”.

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Geen vrede in Vredenburg

November 21, 2007 at 8:46 am (religion) (, , , , )

Uh oh. The freaky folk of Vredenburg have done it again.

Months ago I wrote about the guesthouse owner who declared unmarried couples would find no favour in her establishment because they’re a Christian place. This after she hadn’t declared it on her website or any other way other than when I enquired about prices, etc. Now someone has turned away a gay couple using the same excuse. Tut, tut.

What kind of God is this anyway?

One who penalises those who don’t harm others? One who casts judgement on people who have done nothing wrong other than choosing to do things in a way different to religious zealots?

What kind of God is so wrathful and angry? The same God who mobilises nutsos to get a columnist fired because he dared to speak of Satanism?

Is this the same God who was used to sanction apartheid? The same God who was responsible for millions of people being tortured and murdered by Hitler? Is it the same God who spoke to men and told them to fly into the World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001?

What God is this who is still used to defend the persecution of people across the world? Is it a God who refuses gay or single parents adoption rights because they’re “not normal”? The same God who allows the death of women across the world because abortion isn’t His way? A God who thinks it’s okay for women to be infected with HIV because condoms are not acceptable?

All I can say is. . . Thank God I don’t believe.

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Me, myself and email

November 14, 2007 at 10:57 am (annoying, religion)

Mrs M wrote about those annoying forwarded emails we receive almost daily. Although I also find it annoying to have to face the deluge of emails that reveal I’ll die a painful death or something of the other if I don’t send it on, that’s not what annoys me most.

What really annoys me is the fact that people who know me should know better than to send me mails like that. Unlike Mrs M, I don’t believe in God. My friends know this so I can’t understand why they still send me messages detailing how wrathful He will be if I don’t send this on to ten friends.
One thing’s for sure: I should’ve died a million deaths by now given I delete those emails, which I fondly call crapmails, without a second thought.

I just don’t get it though – are the people sending this trying to convince me to believe in God?  Or are they feeling guilty because they only ever take note of Him when they need something (in the digital age, it’s clearly easy to worship by sending an email. . .). Or are they just sending it on because they fear punishment from Him if they don’t?

I’m not the person Mrs M refers to in her post but I make it very clear to people who send me God emails that I don’t want, like or appreciate it. If they want to take their religious views somewhere, they should try a church. But oh wait, that can’t be done by just clicking ‘forward’ .

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Bless them

August 8, 2007 at 9:42 am (crime, religion)

Watching 3rd Degree last night just reminded me of the deep distrust I have for those who make all these high and mighty proclamations in the name of the church.

Debora Patta was at her attacking best and just proved how pastors and other church leaders were up to their eyeballs in illegal shit – stealing from their (not very wealthy) congregations. Nice ne?

I remember an occasion where a church leader took money belonging to my mother and said it was a mistake. Fine, people make mistakes but do you think she paid it back?

Oh hell no, she’d spent it already, she said. She couldn’t repay because she didn’t have the money.

Now tell me this: if you happened to chance upon more than R2 000 would you think it was some heavenly blessing and not know it didn’t belong to you? Would you go and blow it on clothes and have your hair done?
Well that’s exactly what girlfriend did.

And when my mom – shock, horror – dared to ask for her money she was attacked. P.H.Y.S.I.C.A.L.LY.

I kid you not dear reader. She and her equally slimy daughter went to the back of their car to get a crowbar to hit my mom. If it wasn’t so scary and awful it would be laughable. Fortunately a neighbour stopped the bitch and she sped off.

Never paid back the money but was right up at the front of that church preaching to the crowd the following Sunday.

It’s people like her and the scumbags on 3rd Degree make me wish there was a hell.

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Of virgins and burning eyes

June 21, 2007 at 8:36 am (news&media, religion)

Batman is a good person. He believes in religion and all that it offers. But that doesn’t mean he has to believe every nutjob that comes around claiming to have seen the Virgin Mary. And good on him for doing so.
I’ve been tempted to write about Francesca Zackey before but decided not to because she’s already had too much publicity and writing about religion always gets me into trouble.
But the latest bit is too much. A lady going blind because she looked into the sun? Oh what a shocker. Another stupid incident brought on by religion.
What amazes me is the fact that everyone is now slamming the seer of Her Lady. Of course she’s talking rubbish, I think, how could anyone be dumb enough to look into the sun???
Isn’t that one of the first things they teach you in Sub A – Grade one for those who don’t know about subs and standards?
I vaguely remember Miss Adams telling us how bad it is to look into the sun and us wanting to tempt fate but being way to scared. How is it then that a grown woman disregards every normal thought to look into the burning ball in the sky?
I want to just shake my head and write it off as another dumbass thing to do but this just completely reconfirms my belief that religion is a bad thing. It’s the root of wars and the corrupter of men. Opium of the masses and all that; instigator of all things stupid.
I’m probably going to get a lot of flack for writing this but come now people – this is 2007. You can’t in all honesty say it was normal for an adult to look into the sun because some unknown girl claims she’s seen a holy figure. How can you justify that?

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The devil made him do it (no, not Hansie)

May 21, 2007 at 8:13 am (murder, religion)

Uh oh. The pesky thing called Satan has done it again. He of the lobstered body and horn-y head has caused a man to burn his baby in a microwave. Damn the devil.
According to Eva Marie Mauldin the devil made her 19-year-old hubby put their tot in a microwave for 10-20 seconds because the God-fearing man wanted to become a preacher. The devil, presumably, did not approve of the young man’s calling.
This, dear reader, is one of the problems I have with religion. It’s completely messed up to blame something that does not exist when you abuse an innocent baby. If there were a hell, you would go straight there.

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Foolish thoughts

April 16, 2007 at 8:28 am (religion)

God is gay.
That’s what I want to send in to the letters page of a Cape Town Afrikaans newspaper (no points for guessing…) that’s been buzzing with the homosexuality-and-the-church debate. Nothing new, of course, but the responses via sms and letters are of the most shocking utterances I have seen in my lifetime and I think I should send in such a message to stir the pot a bit. Vitriolic homophobes spew forth their uninformed opinions in the newspaper’s pages and reading it could send you to the bottle if you’re not strong. What I don’t understand is why people feel so strongly about homosexuality being in the “Sin Circle”.
How, I would like someone to explain to me, is being gay wrong? Any person with half a braincell (not brainwashed by the church that is) would know that homosexuality is not a choice. If it was, why would so many people put themselves through purgatory and the pain of being called an aberration?I have, on two occasions, been shown the door because I’ve defended someone’s right to be gay – both times by family members. Gotta love the blood ties, you do. So the newspaper debate usually gets my blood boiling and reminded me of something that happened last year. At my grandfather’s funeral, a church elder who’d led my grandpa’s funeral service and happened to be an uncle’s father told me the Church was organising a march against gay marriages. I should attend and write about it, he said. The conversation (in the hall after the burial) went something like this (I don’t recall the exact words, but you’ll get the gist).
Church elder: You journalist people can spread the word. Write about The Gays and their stupid ideas. Sinning against God… [pops samoosa in mouth]
TB: What?! I am totally and absolutely against the idea of doing that. [Shocked expression and nearly falling over on heels]
CE: Yes, yes, that’s why you must come. You must come support us against The Gays.
TB: No, you don’t understand. I will never support that.
CE: I agree. That’s why you can join us. We can stand strong and show The Gays they’re wrong. [Another samoosa enters the hole]
TB: Excuse me, but you don’t get it. I think gay people should be allowed to marry if they want. I don’t support the idea of your march. [Barely concealing distaste]
CE: [choking on samoosa. spluttering] What? Oh God. Are you…are you saying you agreewith them? Do you want them to get married?! [screaming and drawing stares from other funeralgoers]
TB: Well, yes. I think it’s awful that you want to stop it.
CE: I thought you were raised well. Oh God. Your poor parents; how must they feel? How can you say that? How…
TB: I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. You just don’t get it. And leave my parents out of this. [About to explode but trying to be calm]
CE: NO, this isn’t right. God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. [jabbing air to emphasise point]
TB: [removing heels to make walking away easier] I can’t stand this. Excuse me, I am not going to fight with you here. This is ridiculous and beneath me to argue with such stupidity. 

I am glad I’m not religious. A vengeful God is a bad God. And no God is better than a homophobic god. Now I’m going off to talk to one of The Gays, then have a chat with one of The Blacks (but let’s leave that for another post…)

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