On all things wedding-like

January 30, 2007 at 6:42 am (marriage)

I’ve just read a piece in a local mag in SA about how marriage as an institution is dying. The piece went on about statistics and how people prefer to live together. Sounds good to me. Why would you want to marry anyway? For legal reasons I suppose…Or is it just a safety net? But if so, what about divorce…oh the questions.
Anyway, I did a quick blogsearch to see what kind of stuff came up about weddings in Jozi (city of the uberglam wedding) and hit on one ( http://jozijane.blogspot.com/index.html) that had a bit of advice for those planning a wedding. But more interestingly: A link to http://journals.aol.com/weddingbest/wedding-best/ proved to be an insight into the world of a bride-to-be.
It has to be said: why would anyone go through the stress of planning a wedding if it sounds as fraught as Wedding Best describes? Lord knows I would’ve slit my wrists if I had to go through even a second of what she describes.
So, I think weddings should be banned. It’s an old-fashioned, outdated form of bondage. People can’t be devoted to one person for all their lives so why even try to confuse the issue with legal stuff. And does it really make a difference to have a piece of paper to say you’re married? I think not.

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Just another one

January 25, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Uncategorized)

Today I’ve finally decided to commit to something. The occasional writing of stuff I care about. Maybe you’ll laugh; maybe you won’t. Point is, it’s fine if you don’t. This blog is about my stuff and whether I think it’s important or not. So for now, this is it…watch this space.

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