Dear God, it’s Gareth

December 5, 2007 at 11:49 am (religion) (, , , , , , )

Oh dear. Gareth’s gone and done it again. He’s angered the protectors of God’s name once again. Shame.

Not shame for Gareth though – shame for the people who have once again proved that intolerance and hypersensitivity is not doing them any good.  I mean come on. Why must some religious people go completely batty when they suspect even the tiniest whiff of “offensive material”?

Just the other day I wrote about religion and there were so many good comments from religious people who normal. Why can’t everyone just take a page out of their books?

I am so sick and tired of religious people who force their beliefs on others. And I’m so gatvol of those who scream blue murder every time the word God is mentioned. Get over yourselves people. The world has bigger problems than some guy on radio saying something you don’t like.

Rather use that energy you’re expending on this to find food for hungry kids or volunteer at an old age home. Surely God would look more favourably on that than you yakking on about Gareth Cliff’s “offensive comments”.



  1. Christoff said,

    Great post. I am also quite upset with this whole Gareth Cliff (awa Deon Maas & The Golden Compass) debacle. Not because of what Gareth said, but the way the public (more specifically, the religious right) acted on it!

    What happened to Free Speech? What happened to people’s intellectual capacity to be able to listen to someone else’s opinion without having to accept it or reacting to it?

    I raised my own thoughts on this topic over at my blog:

    Have a read. Have your say.

  2. tbhanks said,

    Thanks for the link Christoff. The words “intellectual capacity” is something the religious right wouldn’t understand or be able to identify with because it seems they’ve all had a lobotomy of some sort.
    This isn’t even about freedom of speech – it’s about being able to debate and discuss in an adult manner. I haven’t heard a SINGLE person offer a valid reason why Gareth was wrong. In fact, many of the people posting and writing about it didn’t even hear what he’d said.
    If they did they would’ve realised he was speaking in the context of a God who wouldn’t frown on the innocent act of a teacher.
    As always, i’m disgusted by people who use religion as a way to project their miserable notions of morality on the world. I know that there are people who are good, loving and tolerant – and religious. But they’re in the minority.
    The rest of the empty vessels making so much noise really need to get a reality check: do they really think their God would approve of their intolerance, hatred and spiteful pettiness?

  3. lasis said,

    i can see you

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