Bless them

August 8, 2007 at 9:42 am (crime, religion)

Watching 3rd Degree last night just reminded me of the deep distrust I have for those who make all these high and mighty proclamations in the name of the church.

Debora Patta was at her attacking best and just proved how pastors and other church leaders were up to their eyeballs in illegal shit – stealing from their (not very wealthy) congregations. Nice ne?

I remember an occasion where a church leader took money belonging to my mother and said it was a mistake. Fine, people make mistakes but do you think she paid it back?

Oh hell no, she’d spent it already, she said. She couldn’t repay because she didn’t have the money.

Now tell me this: if you happened to chance upon more than R2 000 would you think it was some heavenly blessing and not know it didn’t belong to you? Would you go and blow it on clothes and have your hair done?
Well that’s exactly what girlfriend did.

And when my mom – shock, horror – dared to ask for her money she was attacked. P.H.Y.S.I.C.A.L.LY.

I kid you not dear reader. She and her equally slimy daughter went to the back of their car to get a crowbar to hit my mom. If it wasn’t so scary and awful it would be laughable. Fortunately a neighbour stopped the bitch and she sped off.

Never paid back the money but was right up at the front of that church preaching to the crowd the following Sunday.

It’s people like her and the scumbags on 3rd Degree make me wish there was a hell.



  1. Mrs M said,

    ooooh! and what about that scandalous dominee in ZIM!!

  2. tbhanks said,

    Meisie, don’t even go there…

  3. Gnome said,

    I find it incredibly tragic that people like this give all Christians and churches a bad name. When bad Christians happen to good people…

  4. Walton said,

    Corrupt church leaders stealig money off people? That’s just a blatant example of what they’ve been doing for centuries.

    It’s so nice in Britain to see all the churches closing and being sold off and redeveloped as pubs, where at least you’re guaranteed to get some spirit for your money.

  5. madamm said,

    I think one would find this anywhere. For example…coloured people who are addicted to tik give good coloured people a bad name just like people who are homophobic (and heterosexual) give people who are not homophobic and heterosexual a bad name. This is not just a story about religion, it’s a story about many things.

  6. Toby Hanks said,

    Gnome, I think you’re right – I didn’t meant to suggest all Christians are bad. I’m sure there are lots of good people out there and as Mrs M says, it’s just a matter of the bad ones giving the good ones some tarnish.

    Walton, I have to say I didn’t know they were selling off churches in the UK to be turned into pubs! What are the corrupt ‘saviours of the soul’ going to do now? How are they going to buy new cars and furnish new homes?
    Oh dear heavens…what are they going to do…?

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