February 5, 2008 at 8:47 am (Uncategorized)

This spam thing is driving me nuts. To the point where I don’t even want to write any longer. Every time I log in and see it I have to spend some time deleting and then forget what I want to write.

Is anyone having a huge problem with spam? *grits teeth*


  1. The Divine Miss M said,

    No thankfully I haven’t yet! *holds thumbs*

  2. boegels said,

    You are using WordPress and therefore Akismet should protect you from spam. Aksimet has protected my site from 1,320 spam comments. Maybe you should activate it somewhere. Mine was automatic. Contact me if you cannot come right. Real name is Petrus.

  3. tbhanks said,

    I have Askimet too, Petrus. But somehow it seems to sneak through. There’s usually that amount of spam in the askimet kitty every day but still they manage to sneak through. It is incredibly annoying.

  4. Make Money Online with Mr. X said,

    HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced to post spam comments on blogs! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. They’re coming back now. Please send help!

  5. Outlook said,

    great post keep up the countless work.

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