Unwedded bliss

September 13, 2007 at 10:56 am (Uncategorized)

I’m not allowed to stay at her guesthouse.It’s not because I’m coloured or because I’m one half of a mixed race couple. No, it’s because I’m not married.

My partner and I wanted to go away for some R&R so I had enquired about accommodation at a guesthouse in Yzerfontein. We wanted to get away a bit, just the usual R&R needed to stay sane.
So I sent out a few requests for quotes and availability, as one does.
This is the response I received from one of the guesthouse owners:

“Dear Toby,
Yes I do have availability. The rate is R500 per night or R250 per person per night. Please note that we do not cater for unmarried people living together.
Warmest greetings
Guesthouse Lady”

At first I was shocked. She couldn’t really be serious, could she? Then I was amused. It was rather sweet.
Then I was annoyed – why couldn’t she have said so on her website so I wouldn’t have bothered asking?
Now I guess I just find it interesting that there’s someone running a guesthouse that doesn’t cater to unmarried people living together in 2007.

When a friend pointed out it’s better the woman said it now rather than when we rock up there, I took her point. I have the choice to not go now instead of being turned away at the door.
I respect the guesthouse lady’s beliefs and what she deems to be high morals and it’s obviously not discrimination of a hurtful kind so I can’t really be angry or disgusted.

Obviously we’re not going there and I’m not going to bother to reply to her email. The less said the better. I don’t want to offend her moral stance because she’s entitled to it even though I do want to point out to her that she should really make this fact known earlier.

I can’t help but wonder how many people they turn away though. Maybe that’s what I should ask…


  1. madamm said,

    I wonder if they’d turn Harry and Chelsea away!!

    This is ridiculous!

  2. Batman5172 said,

    I see your point Mrs M. Can you just picture this old chicky giving Prince Harry a stern talking to and then sending him off to look for other accommodation

  3. madamm said,

    THIS ENTIRE SCENARIO is like a scene from a Dry White Season. Only there’s nothing dry about this joke of an establishment.

  4. Toby Hanks said,

    I’m pretty sure the old woman would’ve sent them packing, royalty or not. I don’t really know if I should get upset about this. I am unsettled, I must confessed, and slightly piqued, but not really flaming angry.
    I mean, is it really discrimination?

  5. Toby Hanks said,

    Nothing dry, I agree, Mrs M. The more I talk about it the weirder it gets. Imagine if it was cos I’m Muslim or “bruin” or a brunette. Is that any different?
    If her point is indeed religious, then, as an aethist, would I have been admitted if I was married?

  6. madamm said,

    As an atheist, you have the right to stay at a place that doesn’t impose its religious principles on you.

  7. The Divine Miss M said,

    I’ve got a friend who just got engaged after 4 months of dating the girl. They met at Church where he just recently started going to. He’s a reborn Christian now. They aren’t sleeping together before they get married, in fact they are doing nothing more than kissing before getting married.

    And one wonders why they’re getting married so quickly. The landlady would probably love them since they’d ask for separate rooms.


  8. madamm said,

    wow…remarkable Miss M. Remarkable.

  9. Toby Hanks said,

    Remarkable indeed. Nothing to scoff at, of course, people can do what they want, after all.
    I don’t think she would’ve allowed me in if she knew I was an aethist though. I don’t care about her religious principles but I can bet she would care very much about my lack thereof.

  10. Batman5172 said,

    she would have let you in so she could have a weekend of convincing you what a bad life you’re leading. I know the type

  11. Batman5172 said,

    Ha, ha, ha. I don’t think her heart would’ve been able to stand it. Now imagine seeing two unmarried people who aren’t the same COLOUR living together. Shock, horror.

  12. Batman5172 said,

    you’re posting as me again Toby, but ja I can see your point hey. can you say HEART ATTACK!!!

  13. kash99 said,

    wow…i cant actually believe it..yes it is discrimination!! It isnt any different to saying to someone, u are black or muslim therefore u are not welcome!!! Batman is right..the mixed race couple thing would definitely have stopped her heart..i know because M and I have stopped some hearts and some traffic in verkrampte PE!!!

  14. Toby Hanks said,

    Sorry Batman, wordpress bug.
    I do think she would’ve had a heart attack or at least have fainted.
    Kash, it’s sometimes so damn ridiculous. We’re good people, we’re happy, we don’t hurt others.
    What on earth is wrong with people? I am just sick of them all. SIck, I tell you!

  15. kash99 said,

    You can stand on your head if u like, but there are some people in this world who will never ever change..and if u dont learn to ignore it, you will vererg yourself like this every single time. U should try telling them their ma se blik p**s..that ususally helps..for a while…hee hee!

  16. Toby Hanks said,

    Ha,ha, ha Kash. You always have had such a delicate way with words.
    It doesn’t really bother me.

  17. Gnome said,

    This is ridiculous! Is she SERIOUS?? I’m surprised ANYONE actually stays there. Even though I’m married I wouldn’t stay there, knowing that she forces unmarried people to stay in separate rooms… Shouldn’t it be YOUR choice? This is a serious violation of rights!!!

  18. Toby Hanks said,

    Yes, Gnome, I think she was very, very serious. ANd I’m sure she must get some people staying with her because she’s still in business.
    I also think it should be my choice – there’s nothing wrong with me after all but I guess she doesn’t see it that way. Shame on her, is all I can say.

  19. Geen vrede in Vredenburg « TOBBHERHANK said,

    […] ago I wrote about the guesthouse owner who declared unmarried couples would find no favour in her establishment […]

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