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Just hours after I wrote on Louisa’s blog about how I hadn’t suffered any power cuts my lights went off. Not cool – especially as I was just about to warm my dinner.  Fortunatly I’m not that fussy and cold chicken isn’t that bad. . .

What did freak me out was hearing people were stuck in the cable car. As I have Table Mountain in my backyard it wasn’t surprising to hear the power had gone out there but it was a bit of a shocker to hear the generators weren’t working.

Imagine how frightened those people were. Imagine hanging halfway between the top of Table Mountain and the ground. And imagine knowing this is all Eskom’s fault and that your fate lies in their hands. Oh hell, that I could not imagine.

Seriously, they should give people warning. It was obvious this wasn’t a planned shutdown. If it was then the cable car managers have a lot to answer for. But somehow I don’t think it was them. Eskom just didn’t let anyone know and that is what infuriates people.

I didn’t mind the power being out – I consider myself lucky that it happened for the first time and that it only lasted one and a half hours. But I am pissed off about the suddeness of it all. If I’d known it was going off I’d have made myself some coffee, warmed my food, etc, etc.

But perhaps that’s too much to ask. I mean Eskom’s dudes don’t even know when it’s going off. . .

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