Soft in the head?

April 18, 2008 at 1:53 pm (wedding) (, , , )

So there I was happily fitting on dresses. All that white, lace, satin, silk. It was already strange.

Enter the designer. The dress I had on was too small (sample sizes don’t cater for curvy bodies) but I wasn’t too bothered. Then designer – let’s call him R – did his designer-wave as he cast his eye over said curvy body and dress.

Mmmm, he said. “I like that you’ve chosen this. At the back, we’ll have to do something else because you’re quite soft and flabby.”


He continued. “This fleshy part in the front must be hidden. Oh, and we have to do something about the tummy. I do see a pretty face here though.”

Er. Gee thanks.

Anyway. . .he insulted me in such a nice way that it didn’t really upset me too much. He’s a designer and he’s supposed to know how to make me look my best. Fortunately I was so overwhelmed by all the girliness that I didn’t let loose when he suggested I join a gym.

He must be soft and flabby in the head if he thinks that’s happening any time soon.

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