Click clack

August 21, 2007 at 8:40 am (knitting)

I’m thinking of learning how to knit.
A colleague brought the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen and said she’d knitted it herself. Why can’t I do that, I wondered out aloud. So she offered to teach me and a few others.
How can I not know how to knit, I hear you ask.
It’s easy: I never paid attention in needlework because I thought it was terrible that girls had to be forced to do girl stuff (not that I was much better at woodwork when I gave it a try).
My mom helped (lots) so I never made any effort to learn how to do it properly. Barely remember what the plain/pearl thing is about. No wonder I got my first ever C symbol for that damn class.
Anyway, enough about that. I’m going to try soon. I’m not promising anything because, like most of my “let’s do something to be busy and productive” plans, it may fall through.
Will keep you all posted though.

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