What I love about my body

May 15, 2007 at 8:07 am (brag, diets, ego, fat rolls, hormones, love, nice girls, private personal space)

Usually when you ask a woman what she loves about her body she’ll list all the things she hates. My ass is fat; I hate my thighs; My skin is bad, etc. She could go on. Because women are conditioned to be modest; to think a celebration of their bodies is a bad characteristic, they’ll always find something wrong. Well enough is enough.
Let’s think about what we love about our bodies. There must be at least one thing. Just one. Once you’ve identified it, think of another, and another and another until you have at least five.
I’ve sat long and hard thinking of what I like about my body. It was difficult to get five but here goes:
1. My hands. They’re slim with long fingers. They look graceful when I wave and they can type a document in very little time.
2. My legs. They’re long and beautifully shaped.
3. My eyes are a boring brown but have a lovely shape and sparkle prettily when I’m happy.
4. My feet are smaller than the average person of my height. They’re kinda quirky.
5. My cleavage is not too big and not too small. Perfect.
What do you like about yours?


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Winners and losers

March 23, 2007 at 6:56 am (awards, brag, ego)

What do you say to someone who comes to you and says you have to check the newspaper so you congratulate them (the paper carried a report of those nominated for an award)? You tell them to excuse you because you need to run to the loo to puke. That’s what.
Jissie, this girl who studied with me, Mary, is such an egomaniac she’s going out of her way to tell people she’s been nominated for one of the most prestigious journalism awards in SA. But wait, it’s not even for something she came up with. So ja, niggie brêk op skuld.
She’s such a pathetic excuse for a human being and it was a sad day indeed when Mary was born…

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