That hot you’re not

May 10, 2007 at 11:30 am (bimbo, brain)

Beauty was the topic of a previous post so I found this article particularly interesting this morning. The TIME writer mentions the new boundary: dating out of your cuteness category. Forget interracial, same-gender, interreligion, etc relationships. Nope, this time it’s dating/marrying someone clearly out of your league.
How many times have you noticed a gorgeous girl hook up with an ugly guy? Or a beautiful man with an unfortunate-looking woman?
Chances are you thought she was with him for his money. And that the guy was screwing around anyway but his wife stayed devoted to him cos she couldn’t do better (kinda like an “ugly chicks try harder” mentality.
Shame on you if you thought that way. It’s double standards, people. Double damn standards.

Anyway, it got me thinking: I’ve never thought of myself – or anyone I’ve ever been with or fancied – as either gorgeous or not. Of course I think my partner is incredibly handsome (those eyes…) but I’ve never thought either of us “in/out the league” of the other. But then again, I don’t place high value on physical beauty.
But, like the movie Shallow Hal showed, there are clearly people who think it’s all about the hotness. That’s just sad.

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The biggest boob

April 10, 2007 at 6:45 am (advertising, bimbo, cricket World Cup, patronising, sexist, VW Jetta)

There are currently two ads competing for my Ad I Hate Most award. The first is probably going to be off soon as it’s Cricket World Cup related.
If you’re not sure which one I’m talking about check in between matches – patriotic music playing in the background while our boys get dressed; fans waving flags and then…some bimbo sliding on a SA top while doing the requisite hair flip.
After Graham, Polly, Ntini and co have run (slow motion no less) down the passage we see girlfriend jiggling up and down so her ample cleavage can be shown across the nation. Nice.
The second one, which is definitely getting my knickers in a well-defined knot, is the VW Jetta ad where the loser asshole calls his date telling her he’s on his way then gets “caught” in a carnival. He then proceeds to shake it with all the scantily clad women while his date waits. Hours (I presume) later he rocks up at her house, and she, only after seeing his car, lets him in.
This is 2007 yet we still see this sexist bullshit on our screens. In a country where staying alive is an achievement this is a small thing to be irked about but, dammit, I get into a furious frenzy every time I see it. I can’t believe women are still treated as brainless bimbos who are only good for jiggling what their mama’s gave them and being so shallow they’d let a guy get away with anything because they have a cool car.I’m preparing to go to war.

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