I’m a workaholic; a free thinker; a pragmatist with big dreams. Cape Town is my base and this blog is my space. I like to be challenged, provoked and stimulated – so if there’s anything you’d like to say, just drop me a line.

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  1. Riply.co.za said,


    Where about in CT are you from? I’d like to stalk you – haha. J/K. Your ‘about’ thingy sounded like mine – just very very revised!

    Pop in and tell me i’m a cunt. (I promise i’m not one of those PFile blokes.

  2. tbhanks said,

    Stalk me? Ha! What makes you think I won’t end up stalking you??? Didn’t ya know CT gals are much brassier than our upcountry sisters?

  3. The Divine Miss M said,

    CT girls are a special kind … *snigger*

  4. Toby Hanks said,

    Very, very speshul…

  5. The Divine Miss M said,

    Ah, but then the Northern Province girls are in a league of their own 😉

  6. Toby said,

    But are they in a good way, I wonder?

  7. The Divine Miss M said,

    I have yet to figure that out. It is a question that plagues me as I lie away in bed at night.

    Oh what, what catagory do the Northern Provine Girls fit into?

  8. phillygirl said,

    @miss m – clearly just too much time on your hands 😉

    But since I was a CT girl my whole life before moving up to Jozi for the last 3.5 years, I’d say the boys everywhere think the grass is greener!

  9. The Divine Miss M said,

    @philly – I have to obsess other something!!! 😉

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