Hooray for Eskom!

January 31, 2008 at 1:18 pm (electricity crisis, Uncategorized) (, , )

Eskom-bashing seems to be SA’s national sport these days but I think our collective pessism stops us from seeing the bigger picture.

Let’s see the light (whether it’s by candlelight or not) and say a little thanks to those incompetents who earn so much money. There are several reasons why we should appreciate the current crisis. Current, geddit?

    • Now we’re forced to do something about energy conservation and do our bit for the environment. We’re now seriously looking to alternative energy sources and consumers are wising up to the fact that our resources are limited and if we don’t do something about it we’re screwed. Those who are used to saying “If I can pay for electricity then I’ll use it” now have to face up to the fact that you can’t pay for something that doesn’t exist.
    • It’s united South Africans as much as winning the Rugby World Cup did. Who’d have thought that would happen in the space of two years? Doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from – everyone is having a jolly old time bitching about Erwin and co.
    • It’s increased communication. Although I’m the greatest proponent of technology sometimes a little quiet time sitting around a candle just having a chat is the best thing to do. When last did you really speak to your parents/siblings/friends/etc (and chats on Google Chat, MSN, Facebook and the like simply don’t count)?
    • People have to walk around because their cars are a) locked behind electric gates (b) there’s no petrol because the pumps are down (c) you can’t face the traffic because of outages. . . etc, etc. So that’s exercise and appreciating the things around you. Ok, if it’s safe, that is.
    • People are learning to play games that don’t require a screen, mouse, console or TV. Isn’t that great – Scrabble anyone?
    • Writing a letter by hand is so outdated it’s novel when you do it now. Try it, you’ll see.
    • Candlelight is very romantic. Enough said.

        These are just some of the things I could think of. Can you think of more? Come on, lighten up, will ya.


        1. Jon Bishop said,

          I agree. We need to start reacting positively to this crisis and fit it into our way of life. Or get out but your country needs you so please think twice! For power saving tips, check out my blog

        2. Batman5172 said,

          I don’t agree. (what’s new I hear you saying). ok not with everything I think the Eskom bashing has to come to an end now though. What I have an issue with is having these restrictions forced upon us. Eskom and government need to stop reacting to problems and figure out ways to prevent things before they happen. We had the same issue with the water shortage. No one bothers when everything is fine people only wake up afterwards. There needs to be greater awareness in the good times too. We cant just sit back and let things happen. That’s why Government and places like Eskom exist. They needed to be spending those millions they pay their management on educating the public way before there was a crisis. The lack of planning that exists in this country at the moment is scary.

        3. tbhanks said,

          I agree with you Batman. Totally and absolutely. But they’ve now screwed up and we should make the most of it, is all I’m saying.

        4. kash99 said,

          I agree..I keep telling M that..now u know he’s orinally from England..so every night we watch the news i have to hear all these negative things about SA. and jirre it works on my last nerve..and then it ends in an argument..so now we dont watch the news anymore..i sit and watch the news wires all day anyway, so i already know everything that happened in the world come 7pm..i know its terrible here at teh moment but jeez the sooner we get over it, the quicker we can come up with ideas of how to deal with it..cos face it people..the situation is not going to soema change overnight, in a month or even in a year..how u tobes?? when u fetching ur book..come next fri night..i’ll be home for the weekend..

        5. tbhanks said,

          Exactly Kash. Exactly. People must accept it won’t change overnight. I’m not here next weekend!

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