Jake White the black sheep

November 1, 2007 at 8:21 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

It was bound to happen. Even as we celebrated our RWC victory we knew trouble was brewing what with all the talk of quotas and transformation.

There are probably several background things we don’t know about but if Oregan Hoskins had even the tiniest bit of common sense he would realise it’s not a good idea to wail like a baby that Jake White is playing the victim.

People are likening Jake to God right now, Mr Hoskins. Even a first-year marketing student would know better than to mess with a good thing. The man just won us the highest accolade in rugby, for heaven’s sake. Is it really a good idea to try and ridicule him/undermine him in a space where people are still very much Bok befok?

Sadly, politics and the need for power is tarnishing the golden memory. I don’t know much about rugby but I do know that being plaintive and yapping on about victimisation is so not a good idea.

Oregan Hoskins should really get his face out of his bum. And at this rate we should treasure that trophy because we may just never see it again.



  1. madamm said,

    Hmm, I agree. These discussions are taking place much too soon. I think White has a right to resign if he wants to. Leave with a bang. That’s always good in my books.

  2. Toby Hanks said,

    It is probably best for him to leave – who wants to work with someone who clearly doesn’t want you there, right?
    But I can’t understand why Hoskins has been allowed to get away with his incompetence for so long. Perhaps I’m politic-fatigued. Perhaps I’m just so over all the BS we have to put up with in every single aspect of our lives. Perhaps it’s time to just let it go and move on. Yet, somehow, I just don’t see that happening.

  3. madamm said,

    oh no, it’s impossible, because for as long as there are people like you out there, the BS will not go unseen.

  4. Toby Hanks said,

    *blush* haai dankie man!

  5. kash99 said,

    I am wondering how all this would have played out if we DIDNT win the world cup..

  6. Toby Hanks said,

    Jake woulda been out of there minutes after we faced defeat. Minutes, I tell you.

  7. kash99 said,

    ja..but what about all the people who are supporting him..the people on the radio stations this morning…ai, die mense is kwaad!!!

  8. Toby Hanks said,

    Sadly, they don’t seem to give a flying fukc about the people. I mean really, have they shown any interest in what people think?

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