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October 31, 2007 at 9:42 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Wow – I’m being acknowledged. In a thesis nogal. How cool is that!

I don’t even know whether I deserve to be thanked in that way but my friend who has spent the past three years working her tootsies off feels that she should. I would never have expected her to do it but she has and it’s such an amazingly nice thing to do.

I don’t think there can be a nicer way to say thank you – not money, not chocolate. Nothing. Again, wow. Don’t even have the words to write a proper post about it!


  1. Gnome said,

    Wow, what an honour Toby! You obviously helped Mrs M alot! That’s great!

  2. Toby Hanks said,

    It was nothing, Gnome. I just did what I would’ve done with any friend. I don’t even think I deserve to be acknowledged!

  3. madamm said,

    Well Toby, it’s okay to feel that way. What’s important to remember is that I think you were a truly amazing friend and that you gave me so much support. In more ways than checking and chucking my commas!
    Seriously Toby, I wanted to put your name in there. I needed to thank you properly for being such an incredible friend and HONOUR to have in my life. And somehow a Hallmark card just wouldn’t have sufficed!

  4. madamm said,

    I mean, I think you ARE an amazing friend.

    I am SO over the tenses, the passive and the active voice. ALLES.

  5. Toby Hanks said,

    Ha, ha. No need to check tenses or commas. Leave that to me… 😉

  6. madamm said,

    Will do!

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