The best holiday

October 19, 2007 at 9:13 am (private personal space) ()

It’s good to be back. There’s nothing like a good holiday to refresh and rejuvenate.  

We went to a little village in the Overberg called McGregor. It’s tiny but lovely. The cottage we stayed in was in an orchard and had no tv, no radio, no internet access.

If you’re every heading that way check out McGregor cottages. All it had was a fireplace, a couch to snuggle in and a huge rug on which to play a game of Scrabble or two. But it was quaint and had all the necessary amenities. It was perfect. 

There are so many fantastic little eating places that I stuffed myself every day. All the food is fresh and the hosts are generous with their portions. Green Gables made the most fantastic toasted mushroom burger; Temaldi’s had a fabulous chicken wrap and the deli had some interesting breads and other delicacies. I could fill this entire blog with just food stuff… 

Since we were on the famous Route 62, drinking good wine was a must. There are wine farms galore which was great for my red wine-loving partner. Graham Beck, fine champagne makers, did it for me though. Nothing like icy bubbly to brighten up the day, I’ve found. 

So many people are astounded when I say there was no tv or anything like that there. I find it weird that they do. For me holiday means switching off from everything that I have in my ‘normal’ life. No noise, no pollution, no nothing. Absolute bliss. 

But, all good things come to an end. So I’m here and hopefully strong enough to make it through the next few mad deadline months. Although I’m feeling very sorry for myself, having to be here, I’m sure you all will keep me entertained and amused.



  1. madamm said,

    I want a toasted mushroom burger now!!!!!
    Your holiday sounds amazing….but Im glad you’re back!

  2. The Divine Miss M said,

    Sounds like the best holiday ever. I do love Macgregor, hmm … I think my parents and I are spending Christmas somewhere around there in a snazzy hotel. None of this whole family crap since it is only the 3 of us, and having someone else cook will be fantastic!

    How does it feel to be back at work?

  3. The Divine Miss M said,

    By the way, love the new layout 😉

  4. tbhanks said,

    Mrs M, the mushroom burger had the most fantastic pickled peppers and the crispiest, goldenest chips ever. I was stuffed.

    DMM, that sounds great! Spending Christmas without the whole caboodle of family is the best idea I’ve ever heard. Hoping to convince my folks to do the same.
    Being back at work is weird – we’re jumping into double and triple deadlines so everyone else is frantic and I’m kinda just settling back in. I’m sure by next week I’ll be as frantic…

    Thanks – I always try to change it when I go away. Good for the bones to do a complete overhaul you know.

    So, you’re coming to SA? If you’re in the McGregor area, have lunch at Rooiberg Wine Farm. They’ve also got a great bakery and little shop that sells all these bottled stuff (there’s something about bottled stuff that does it for me. Feels so real; so farmish).

    I saw you’re looking for restaurants. I’ll write you a list and publish it next week. So much food so little time…

  5. The Divine Miss M said,

    Yey 🙂 I love eating out in restaurants. So looking forward to going to

    1) Cape to Cuba
    2) Beluga
    3) Five Flies
    4) Madam Zingara (has it been rebuilt)

    I wanted to go away to Montague for a climbing weekend but no one wants to join me 😦 Hey Toby, we should figure out each others identity and meet up for a drink with MrsM when I’m there, would be fun!

  6. tbhanks said,

    Cape to Cuba’s layout and ambience is nice but there food is rather mediocre. There’s another restaurant close by that has the best fish dishes ever but I can’t remember it’s name.
    Five Flies (weird name for a restaurant hey) is good and don’t know what the “new” Madame Zingara is like. Haven’t been to Beluga so can’t tell.

    Also try Nelson’s Eye, around the corner from the Mount Nelson Hotel. Best steak you’ll ever eat. Not pretentious.
    For good pub fare try Hatfields on the corner of Orange and Hatfield Street (Opposite Cape Town High).
    Mesopotamia in Long Street is fab. As is Anatoli’s in Green Point.
    Rafiki’s has the best pizza ever.
    Jewel of India at the V&A is the best Indian restaurant ever.
    96 on Vine in Stellenbosch is great for poshy stuff. Their food is fab too.
    Zevenwacht near Kuils River makes a mean cheescake and their coffee cups are too cute.
    Don’t know sushi cos I don’t do sushi.

    If I think of more, I’ll let you know. Hmmm…I’m starving again.

    We can definitely do that. By then Mrs M will be languishing about, getting ready to jet off to the States and I’ll be tearing my hair out (forgive me if I have bald patches). You’re on your own with climbing though – I’m allergic to exercise. The most I can do is lift food from my plate to my mouth. 😉

  7. The Divine Miss M said,


    I’ve actually eaten at most of those places, used to eat out a lot in Cape Town. I am from there and all 😉

    I really want to try Jinga, I never have and I’ve heard that it is fantastic.

    We shall do the drink, or a meal somewhere 🙂 Don’t worry about the climbing, I was just amped for it with my friend but he doesn’t want to spend time on his holiday there from JHb climbing. We might go to Silvermine for a day though.

    I’m hungry too, only had a crappy salad and a crappy soup. Must lose weight before coming to Cape Town!

  8. tbhanks said,

    Ha, ha. I’d forgotten you’re a Capie. Haven’t been to Jinga either.
    Why do you want to lose weight to come to CT? You only do that when you go to Jozi cos people are so obsessed with looks there. Here it’s more laidback than ever!

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