Another shopping nightmare

October 2, 2007 at 9:30 am (Uncategorized)

Mission: Find something. Anything.

I went looking for something decent to wear to the big bash. I hate shopping at the best of times so when I actually have to look for something specific for a particular event I hate it even more. But I decided to stop being pessimistic and went looking.
Found a few things and a dress (!) I liked. Then I popped into a store I wouldn’t normally go into (way too snooty-looking) to see if they had something I could wear.
As with most shopping experiences something always goes wrong.

Me: (skirt in hand) Do you have a dressing room where I can try this on?
Saleslady: *silence, not even looking at me*
Me: Um, excuse me…
Saleslady: Oh, oh, I didn’t see you. We don’t have a bigger size.
Me: What?!
Saleslady: (a bit louder) We don’t have a bigger size. It only comes in those ones. Sorry but it’s so difficult to get big sizes you know.
Me: (mouth hanging open) Um..
Saleslady: It’s the fabric that’s so difficult to find. So hard to find those materials to make bigger sizes.

I put the skirt down and walked out. I don’t think the stupid cow even realized what she was saying or that I’d been insulted. WTF?!



  1. kash99 said,

    ja WTF..u shoulda thrown the damn skirt at her..what a bitch..i’m sure she forgot that she’s a SALES LADY!!!

  2. tbhanks said,

    She looked like one of that people who think they piss Panache. I didn’t want to dignify her existence by throwing the skirt in her face. Tief.

  3. Batman5172 said,

    i think all sales girlies know you hate shopping so they just fucking with you for the fun of it!

  4. kash99 said,

    No….what teh bitch did is just wrong..she’s got no salesperson sense!!

  5. tbhanks said,

    Batman, I’m starting to think you’re right – I do attract all the ma se dinges people in the shop ne.
    Kash, i agree. I want to go back and tell her but I also don’t want to set foot in that shop again. Weird ne.

  6. Batman5172 said,

    come we all go back then I keep her hands then you can bitch slap her as much as you like. we can soema grab lunch on the way out!

  7. tbhanks said,

    Ha, ha. Batman, don’t bring your coloured maniere out here please. I’m not a physical violence kinda girl. I’d rather tear her to shreds with words. make her cry even.
    But I would do the lunch. 😉

  8. The Divine Miss M said,

    Oh my god! Seriously?! Fucking bitch. You should lodge a complaint for the fun of it 😉

  9. Batman5172 said,

    I seriously doubt that a war of words will make any kind of impact on some ditzy boutique chick. you’d have to sit her down and explain all the horrible things you said coz niggie will be too slow to catch anything!

  10. tbhanks said,

    DMM, I think I may just do that. But they probably wouldn’t care – those snooty places are like that. Full of kak basically.
    Batman, you’re 100% right!

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