Politically correct slapping

September 19, 2007 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)

Would you beat a man in a wheelchair? Well, yes, if he were groping me…

Yesterday Batman, Pampoentjie and I went on our usual food-foraging mission in the jungle that is Cape Town’s CBD. We spotted the local wildlife and a few interesting species but it was a man in a wheelchair who, um, grabbed our attention. Or rather, he grabbed Pampoentjie.

It came out of nowhere and we al kinda stood there, stunned. Pampoentjie pulled away as the man tried to grope her leg but none of us said anything. He just wheeled off to harass a few pink shirt-wearing gents (by ramming into their well-shod feet).

Afterward it hit me: I hadn’t done anything. But would I hit a guy in a wheelchair? In this case, yes. We should treat physically disabled people the same as able-bodied ones after all and I would certainly slap an able-bodied man if he did that.

I almost hope we run into him again tomorrow. Just so I can give him a piece of my mind (now that I’ve found it again) – or maybe I’ll just give a nice, friendly slap.



  1. batman5172 said,

    he did kinda come out of nowhere hey

  2. madamm said,

    hmm interesting one this….he HAS NO RIGHT to do that…so yes I would put up a hell of a scene.

  3. Toby Hanks said,

    It was quite bizarre. On the one hand you don’t want to hit a guy in a wheelchair and on the other you want to give him a lekker bekskoot for grabbing your friend’s thigh (he was down there after all).

  4. Gnome said,

    I say SLAP HIM.

  5. kash99 said,

    ja slap him..we had an Australian sub editor working for us about 18 months ago..the most irritating person you will ever come across..he was rude and completely obnoxious..long story..it came to a point where we all signed a petition to get him out of here..setting a precedent too..the thing with this man was that he would always say: “You dont have to help me..i dont need ur pity”and of course, well, he DID need our help now and then..and then some of us would just NOT..ja hou vir jou vermakaakerag, jy kan net daar sit tangled in the phone wires..think he sat there for an hour..

  6. Toby Hanks said,

    I will certainly do so if it happens again, Gnome!

  7. Toby Hanks said,

    Ha, ha,ha. Did you slap him though, Kash?

  8. Louisa said,

    Hey Tobes!

    This reminds me of my very first time ever in a nightclub with my friend. As we came out of the ladies room I felt someone groping my @ss and imagine my surprise when I turned round and found a guy in wheelchair sitting there looking smug as hell.

    I glares at him and started following Simma…two steps and I changed my mind…walked back and smartly boxed him where he sat. Asshole!

    Later on we were standing around at the bar when the same guy rolled by and grabbed Simma’s behind too. She started laughing and when he saw me he covered his head and made a quick escape. LOL – no permanent damage to his game plan then I suppose.

    I don’t feel guilty about this at all. Why should he hide behind his chair?

  9. tbhanks said,

    Ha, ha. Good for you Louisa. Serves the bastard right! I just don’t understand how men get off thinking they can do whatever the hell they like – whether they’re in a wheelchair or not.

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