More car woes

September 6, 2007 at 10:48 am (death, frustrated, fury, road rage)

Give me a bakkie. A big one. Because if I see one more useless piece of bought-licence crap driving on the road I want to drive over him/her.

Yesterday, while driving down Adderley Street, I was rather happy as we’d finished way earlier than expected so I could go home early.
I decided to not get pissed off and let the first asswipe cut in in the circle without so much as a cuss or a curse.

The second person who nearly hit me because they were so close got a bit of a glare but still I kept calm.
The third, who made it very clear she doesn’t have a quarter of a braincell, simply glided across lanes as if she was the only person on the road. She got a hoot and a few choice words.

But it was the last guy that really got me going. It was here that I really lost it.
In Upper Orange Street the road does a weird fork and people often try to take the gap.
The road is slightly uphill so you have to accelerate to get up it so you can imagine how fast people drive there.

This loser decides to take the gap while I’m coming up the road. It’s not as if there was a decent space for him to cut in. Seriously, if there was I wouldn’t be so mad. But he didn’t. He waited until I was almost on top of him before going.

I could barely believe what was happening and saw it in kinda slo-mo vision. I had to brake so hard it felt my eyes were coming out of my sockets – on a wet road.

He was a prys doos but what really freaked me out was mere days ago that section of the road was closed because there’d been an accident.
I’d rather drive over someone like that before he causes the next one.


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