Bums and tums

September 5, 2007 at 12:15 pm (chocolate)

Another day, another chocolate. And so it goes.
I’m not ashamed of my chocolate-induced love handles (even though summer peeks through the curtains every morning when I wake up) so it sometimes surprises me when people worry about their weight.
Even though I read tons of women’s magazines (and all the weight paranoia that goes with it) I forget there are women like Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada.
But seriously, how happy can you be when the thought of a celery stick makes you salivate?
All I can say is I refuse to abuse my body like that. I’ll rather love it and lavish it with affection…and chocolate.



  1. madamm said,

    I had a dream…

  2. Toby Hanks said,

    Of chocolate fountains…

  3. The Divine Miss M said,

    “I’m only 1 stomach flu away from my goal weight” – my favourite movie quote ever!

    Naah I get the whole desire to be thing but I don’t get the desire to be a size zero. I don’t like bending over and having massive fat roles and I really don’t like have stretch marks 😦 But I love having boobs, hips and all those comfy bits and bobs boys seem to like!

    My friend gave me a compliment the other day and told me that I was fantastic to cuddle cause I had all these cuddly bits. I was a bit peturbed at first but then decided to go with it 😉

  4. kash99 said,

    Ja..i couldnt give a flying shit anymore..but boyfriend doesnt care!!!

  5. madamm said,

    I like my wobbly bits…

  6. The Divine Miss M said,

    I’m starting to come to peace with them. However this hot English guy from Saturday night (my ex housemates good friend) came up behind me on Sunday morning and told me “move it fatso” so I’m feeling slightly delicate about them 😦

  7. Toby Hanks said,

    *gasp* He did not, DMM. I hope you to the wanker to fuck the hell off!
    Kash, your boyfriend is a keeper. When’s the wedding? I want an invitation.
    Mrs M, I love my wobbly bits too. All of them!

  8. madamm said,



    Piece a shit- use the mankillers to kick him in the anus.

  9. Toby Hanks said,

    Mrs M, that’s a brilliant idea. Then he can go look for an elf to fix it. Asswipe that he is.

  10. madamm said,

    He’s probably ugly hey DMM?
    With yeller teeth and codbreath.

  11. The Divine Miss M said,

    Stupid man. Actually he was just playing around but it made me feel crap at the time. He was very hot though.

  12. madamm said,

    The hotness will wear off DMM…Hotness, unlike diamonds, don’t last forever.

  13. Toby Hanks said,

    And hot dudes who refer to women as fatsos probably spend long hours in the bathroom getting their looks just right. In fact, hot guy is probably gay guy (gay men make fat and shoe comments, I’m told).

  14. The Divine Miss M said,

    Trust me, he wasn’t gay! 😛

  15. madamm said,


  16. Toby Hanks said,

    Ahem…care to share DMM?

  17. The Divine Miss M said,

    Well I snogged him a fair bit, he ended up sleeping in my bed (NO NOTHING HAPPENED – I refused to sleep with him and I think he was a bit miffed) and then we spent 3 hours lying in bed the following morning talking crap and cuddling which was great fun.

    Cept he never asked for my number, but then again I never asked for his and I refused to sleep with him and wasn’t that flirty the next morning. I’m stalking him on facebook at the moment (as we all do) and contimplating asking him if he wants to go for a drink next time he is in London. (He lives in Norfolk – far out of London)

    Should I?

  18. madamm said,

    Good for FUN. Not forever. Definitely not.

  19. madamm said,

    I mean, definitely not forever, not not..

    okay nevermind.

  20. Toby Hanks said,

    Facebook stalking isn’t cool cos others can see it…. Hmm, I’d say if you could sleep next to a guy all night you can call him up for a drink. And I agree with Mrs M, definitely good for fun. Oil the engine and so on and so forth.

  21. The Divine Miss M said,

    I only refused to sleep with him because my leg wax appointment was the following day and my legs were HAIIIRRRRYYYY!


    Facebook stalking is fun, no one else can see it when I just troll through his pictures and friends etc 😉

  22. Toby Hanks said,

    Aaaah, that kind of stalking…
    I hear you on the hairy legs. Even though my BF swears he doesn’t mind it completely freaks me out. Great to hear you think hairy legs is a reason not to sleep with a hot dude. 😉

  23. kash99 said,

    Shame, all you hairy gals..I shaved my legs once when i aws 14..and it never grew back..the hair under my arms looks like the character tintin..

  24. tbhanks said,

    Yoh, lucky bitch! It’s so unfair – I hate hairy legs. However, I am comforted by the fact that hairy women have a greater sex drive (all the testosterone you know).

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