Nog een van daai

August 3, 2007 at 2:25 pm (quiz)

Fave food: anything Asian
Fave drink: Coffee or Coke
Age: 24
From: Mitchell’s Plain
Work: Journalist also sometimes referred to as hournalist.

If you could do anything right now what would it be? Go on holiday to a warm place.

Do you use deodorant?
Um, yes. That’s not a bad thing right?

What do you love most about SA? It’s home – there’ll never be another like it. No matter how fucked up it is, it’s still the only place I’ll call home.

MTN, Vodacom or Cell C? MTN even though I hate their sorry excuse for a call centre.

Winter or summer? If you don’t know this answer by now you’re not worthy of being my friend. I HATE WINTER. It’s like having permanent PMS plus a four-month long bad hair day.

Biggest fear? Failure.

Foot-in-mouth moment of the week. Best not to comment. I don’t have lus for further toe tasting.

Biggest fine you ever got: R1 000. Don’t even ask…

Have you ever stolen anything? Yes, a pencil from Megan when I was Sub B because someone stole my pencil. I felt bad and bought her a whole box and also apologised.

What’s the one thing people are always surprised about when they find out? That I smoke. Apparently I don’t look like a smoker even though my lips are sometimes bluer than a baboon’s bum.  


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