If you bought it, you’re a criminal too

July 25, 2007 at 8:34 am (crime, driver's licence, Robert McBride)

If Robert McBride had half a braincell he’d send his men out to write those tickets when it’s raining. Because it’s in the rain that you can best see who should not be on the road.
Aside from not knowing how to stay in a lane, not knowing that you should treat a broken robot as a four-way stop and not knowing how to brake on a wet road, people simply go into panic mode at the sight of a few drops.
My theory is this: in the rain you can see who bought their driver’s licences and who got it legally.
I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who bought their licence. I don’t care if you struggled; I don’t care if it takes long; I don’t care if everyone else does it.
If you bought yours, you’re as much a criminal as the rest of the villains in our society. If a 40-something woman can go back after failing five times, so can you. My mom can honestly say she did it the hard way, but the right way.
I’d be willing to bet that many of those who complain about crime have bought their licence. But you can’t really point fingers if you’ve done something illegal too, now can you?
Yes, hang your head in shame – you’re a criminal too if you’ve done it.
Just because it’s not violent doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous.


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