Good news, bad news

July 24, 2007 at 8:42 am (news&media)

Here’s an example of what I was speaking about in my previous post.

The Sunday Times had a pic of President Mbeki and Helen Zille smiling and almost embracing. Their story told of how the prez stuck up for the Democratic Alliance leader after she was boo’ed at some imbizo thing.
Rapport also ran a story about that imbizo but showed the two leaders, stony faced, with a piece about him running for third or fourth term. They looked annoyed, irritated with each other and very much “unreconciliatory”.

Based on the pictures alone you see two very different representations of the same event. The ST piece at least made me feel a bit hopeful and made me want to read the article. The Rapport piece made me feel more weary and despondent and I wanted to turn the page.
Why did their angles differ so much? And how many times has it happened before? But more importantly, how many times will it happen again?

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