Fat ain’t funny

July 6, 2007 at 8:41 am (annoying, diets, fat rolls)

Earlier I wrote about not being a fan of fat jokes. In fact, I hate fat jokes. So what do I tell a “friend” who makes a fat joke if I’ve already told him it’s tasteless?
There’s always the option of telling him to go jump in a lake of lard (although I doubt he’d get it) or I could just let it slide.
But if I let it slide do I become complicit in the fat joke thing? Shouldn’t I be more hardcore about telling him what a jerk he is? Am I too humourless?
The problem with the whole thing is it happened online and was a kind of throwaway comment, not a full-on fat joke.
I couldn’t see his expression or gauge his seriousness from his tone. So do I still get all shrill and rip him apart (as I would do if we were face to face)?
Wait, I think I’ve just answered my question…
*Toby logs off wordpress to send a stinking email to said offensive bastard*


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