10 random thoughts

July 4, 2007 at 8:52 am (private personal space)

  1. Am loving the CellC ad. The woman is brilliant. It reminds me a lot of the Polka ads.

  2. Can’t stand the thought of another cold Cape Town day. I’m seriously pissed off that it’s dark before 18h30.
  3. Have realised again why I didn’t want a Facebook profile with my real name on it. Now every person I’ve managed to forget existed is finding me. I’m not accepting those invitations.
  4. I fit into jeans that barely came up to my thighs three months ago.
  5. Najwa Petersen is a sad, sorry case.
  6. Labello screws with my system. I’ve now got a cracked lip. Don’t use it! Don’t!
  7. Tuna on cream crackers does qualify as supper.
  8. Translating is a biaaatch.
  9. Tomato sauce is overrated.
  10. I hate people who make fat jokes. There is NEVER an appropriate way to make a fat joke. EVER.

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