Cry the beloved children

July 3, 2007 at 10:44 am (Maddy McCann, missing, murder, pervert, racism, sadness)

How do you deal with this? How do you cope with yet another child going missing?
I simply can’t comprehend the horror of so many moms out there what with all these little children, mostly girls, going missing in SA these days.
What’s even more disturbing is that the last three big cases have all come out of coloured communities in areas where gangsterism, poverty and illiteracy are incredibly high.
Don’t get me wrong, I know it happens in all communities but these cases obviously hit home for me because it’s where I come from (in at least one of the cases).
I know the desperation, the fear, the hopelessness of these families. They don’t have money to put their kids into daycare; they work hard to earn a measly hundred rand a month, if they’re lucky.
I know the anger, the frustration and the desperation of the men who hang on street corners with nothing to keep them busy. It’s obviously not an excuse, this much I know.
And it makes me angry. I know people suffered in the past. I know black people suffered most in the past but what makes me really angry is the suffering of coloured people (especially in the Western Cape) is largely ignored or played down.
I am certainly not one of those people who feel permanently victimised, as many coloured folk are. I don’t always agree with the not-white-enough-then-not-black-enough argument. I think we should get over it.
But I do know that when pain and suffering is measured coloured people get the short end because they haven’t suffered “as much”.
If anyone cared to take a deeper look at places like the Cape Flats they would know that you can’t measure suffering in that way. T
he many, many people who don’t have jobs, who drown in drink and drugs just to make it all go away is immeasurable. The absolute terror of living in a place like Manenberg/Bonteheuwel/Hanover Park/etc…
All I know is that not everyone who comes from Mitchell’s Plain is as lucky as I am. Not everyone could go to university and get a good job. Not everyone had parents who are still together after 26 years of marriage. Not everyone had teachers who would go the extra mile to help them do well at school. I could go on.
I know there are some who are lazy and want to bum around but I also know there are some who just can’t make a better life for themselves because they can’t.
They can’t afford to study so they can’t afford to get better jobs. They can’t move out of the drug/violence-filled area and so the cycle goes on and on.
Words almost fail me when I try to explain how I feel about this. I may not even be making sense now. I am incredibly, inexplicably angry. And I don’t know what to do about it.


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