Back again

July 2, 2007 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

Hello, Hello, hello…I’m baaaaccckkkk! What a difference having a holiday can make. It was great to sleep late, read and eat without having to worry about meeting my next deadline. I must confess that I did very little on my vacation. Highlights: 

– Attended MrsM’s party which, by all accounts, was a smashing success.
– Had a private party for my partner on his birthday. Even managed to rustle up a lekker Cape Malay lamb curry.
– Watched a movie with the lovely Lows even though the film turned out to be a stinker.
– Did a spot of shopping and spent a few hours with my pal Al.
– Finished three books and came up with exciting ideas for work (lame, I know) stuff.
– Wished my holiday was longer. It’s good to be back.



  1. kash99 said,

    I want one of those (in a screaming tone)..its good to have u back!!!

  2. kash99 said,

    I want one of those its good to have u back!!!

  3. Toby Hanks said,

    I can’t wait for the next one Kash99! But the best part was I could sleep late while it STORMED outside. I definitely picked a good week!

  4. madamm said,

    I’m glad you’re back Tobes…

  5. kash99 said,

    good to have u back, meisie

  6. Gnome said,

    Missed your posts Toby! Had to Facebook instead… 🙂

  7. Toby Hanks said,

    Thanks Gnome. I will look you up there, or you can look me up – are you there as Gnome?

  8. Gnome said,

    Not there as Gnome. There as myself… Well, can’t really say now can I… 🙂 Are you there as Toby Hanks?

  9. tbhanks said,

    Yep. Glad to see you there Gnome. Here’s to lots of time wasting!

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