Growing, growing, grown

June 21, 2007 at 8:52 am (private personal space)

Aren’t they supposed to stop growing when you’re 18? Bras are expensive dammit!
I just can’t seem to control the girls – they’re growing in leaps and bounds. Someday, they’ll make a boob of themselves with all this growing.
Although I realise most men would salivate at the thought of their girlfriend’s bosoms expanding at the age of 24, I am not impressed. It’s just plain annoying.
I remember as a teen I had an intense fear of someone realising I was wearing a bra. I used to wear dark t-shirts under my white school lshirt and pester my mom to check if you could see the straps.
Until she screamed at me that it’s quite normal to have breasts and that I should be proud of them anyway. I wasn’t; they just got in the way.
I HATED bra shopping because my dad would eventually end up wearing it on his head (he thought it was funny because they looked like the things horses have on their eyes) and I’d have to fit them on (thereby acknowledging they exist). It was really, really crap.
Eventually I grew out of hating them and just kinda ignored them.
It’s weird but I’ve never been particularly proud of them even though many people have said I have nice cleavage. They’re just there. Appendages. Stuff. Things that get in the way of my clothes.
The only thing good about them is I get to buy beautiful underwear to cover them (but, of course, they want to be sheathed in only the finest and nicest which costs money.)
But what’s a girl to do? I’ve grown to live with them. Now if only they’d stop growing.



  1. kash99 said,

    whether ur tette are growing are not..u better wear that bra every day..jy wil nie hang tette he nie, ne??

  2. Toby Hanks said,

    Nee wat, they’re still a perky 24 years old.

  3. kash99 said,

    I didnt doubt that for a second!!!
    have to tell u, tho, yesterday i was so irritated with my bra that i sat here at my desk and took it off..what a relief!! it was such a relief!!

  4. tbhanks said,

    The relief is something that can’t be described. Same like getting to the toilet after you’ve been holding in for a loooooooooong time.

  5. kash99 said,

    oh yes..i knhow THAT feeling all too well…too much coffee!!

  6. tbhanks said,

    Or Coke. I get that a lot with Coke. And I’m too lazy to walk to the bathroom.

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