Oh so sour

June 19, 2007 at 8:02 am (sour worms)

If you walk past it in the aisle, don’t buy it. It will consume you and haunt you. Even if you put it out of reach it will call out to you. I’m telling you – it’s evil.
Ok, ok, enough with the drama. I’m talking about the massive tub of sour gums you get in the (well-packed) Woolies aisle.
There are worms, hearts, bones, fruit slices and something I can’t quite figure out and they’re all sour.
They’re addictive these things. It is the singular most fantastic thing ever – a tub so big you don’t have to buy the small packets all the time.
The only problem is I can’t leave it alone. In the time it’s taken me to write this post I’ve eaten about seven. It may not sound like much but consider I’m only talking about when I wrote this post…Oh well, at least it’s not Chuckles…



  1. Lost-in-Jozi said,

    I thought i was the only sour worm addict in the world! I have to buy two of those tubs at a go..one for me and one for the kids!
    (I normally share everything with them, but i draw the line at my sour worms!)

  2. tbhanks said,

    Ooooh, I’m not the only one! Yay!!! How long does it take you to finish it (the big tub) Lost-in-Jozi? I’m trying to restrain myself with it but it’s not working…

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