He’s all that

June 19, 2007 at 7:59 am (private personal space)

It’s weird when other people talk to me about my partner. I think he’s pretty wonderful but it’s still surprising when others tell me how lucky I am to have such a great guy.
I don’t write about him often because I’m not like that but after FOUR people (in one day) told me what a sensitive, sweet, smart, loving, etc, etc guy he is, I thought it’s worth a mention.
See, he is great and all those things and as one woman said, they’re all either gay, married or there’s something wrong with them.
So I guess I can gloat a bit. I’ve got an amazing guy and it’s not saying so just ‘cos I’m biased. He’s all that and more (that so sounds like the title of a cheesy song)!



  1. madamm said,

    pasop die kinnes gan jou ma afvat girl!

  2. madamm said,

    Ek bedoel jou MAN>

  3. tbhanks said,

    Ne? Hulle sal hulle wat verbeel. You know mos how it goes – ek is mos daarem vannie Plein of hoe? Besides, they can’t beat this *Toby moves hand from head to toe* so wela kepela for them.

  4. madamm said,

    nes jy daar sê!

  5. tbhanks said,

    You can’t come between a coloured woman and her man, that’s for sure.

  6. madamm said,

    Is soe ja!

  7. tbhanks said,

    I’ve never actually done something physically to a girl who kept on flirting with my man. Have inflicted some mental pain though. Which is worse, do you think?

  8. tbhanks said,

    Ok, flirting sounds too simple – heavy coming on to him as if I don’t even exist…

  9. madamm said,

    Look. I’ve had to retain my dignity at least twice in the US. Inflicting mental pain is better, because you keep the control, but OOOOOH, if I could fuck a bitch up!!!

  10. tbhanks said,

    Yes ja. Now there’s an answer. Mental pain rocks. But, sneakily, under the cover of dark, you organise that your fist meets her face…clever.
    I don’t think I’ve ever hit a girl before. A guy yes, but not a girl.

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