Remember Mills&Boon?

June 14, 2007 at 10:50 am (private personal space)

Every day there’s a new fatfighting technique. Shake it, cut it, tape it…so many ways to get your seemingly fat body to tiptop shape. Now it’s reading that can get you going. But hell, not just any old reading: racy novel reading.
Initially I was going to write about how horrifying the whole reading-as-weight-loss-thing is but instead I thought of my teen days when my friend Gen and I used to devour Mills&Boon (“She swooned in his muscled arms. Their eyes met and her heart melted as their lips locked.”)
A couple of 13-year-olds who were to “grown up” for the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys phase anymore (we’d read them all already). It was fantastic!
Then we went on to Judith Krantz and Jilly Cooper plus those Red Silhouette novels (“His hand glided across the silky skin of her thigh. His engorged member…”) . Sommer one a day, we read.
I know I wouldn’t be able to read those books now but it was so much fun. It was pure escapism and I wish there was something like that to read now. What did you read back then?



  1. madamm said,

    I read a Mills and Boon where he took her on a train to Turkey. It was full of engorged arousal lightly brushing quivering thighs

  2. tbhanks said,

    Quivering thighs! There was always a quivering thigh. Engorged, if I remember correctly, was an essential word.

  3. Your Basic Nightmare* « Mrs M said,

    […] Basic Nightmare* Toby Hanks recalls her Mills and Boon reading days. I too recall a few paragraphs of quivering thighs on the Orient […]

  4. kash99 said,

    I still read those books..but only when i catch a flight to cape town..there’s nothing better than a trashy Mills and Boon on two-hour One Time flight…There’s no way i can read heavy stuff like Tony Morrison or Maya angelou on a plane..i hate flying and once u get into a lekker M& are engrossed til that plane touches in Ct..

  5. tbhanks said,

    Hee, hee. I can just see you sitting there trying to curl up in the kak plane seats…

    I tried reading it once recently but was too annoyed by the writing and blatant sexism in it. Jirrie, growing up isn’t always fun. You can’t just enjoy it for enjoying its sake. And there are so many other books that are trying to be read – the pile next to my bed grows all the time. I’ve only recently started reducing.

  6. kash99 said,

    Let me tell u, i am currently reading two non-fiction real crime books by Anne Rule, some very thick but quite enjoyable fiction book about a girl who finds out she’s a princess (not really my thing, but its oraait for mindless reading, jy wiet?), i’m also reading Q&A (very kwaai, u must get it) and a horror called Crickley Hall!!! How about u..Oh i’m also reading an ISS report…sigh!

  7. tbhanks said,

    I LOVED Q&A. I reviewed it last year – it’s one of my favourite favourites. Don’t know about the Anne Rule thing though; doesn’t sound familiar. Horror isn’t really my thing. I’m in a tormented childhood/trauma/emotion distraught type of books phase. Ek verstaan self nie hoekom nie.

  8. Louisa said,

    Hahaha Mills & Boon…mmm, yes plenty of that around here. My mom’s a bit of an addict (we have it in box-loads honestly). How come the main characters always have to fight beore they get together, either that or the girl is an idiot and he must save her continously (mostly from herself). Sheesh…

  9. tbhanks said,

    Or there’s an accident and she could lose her life (always her); or he’s ill and she has to nurse him to health…

  10. kash99 said,

    Anne Rule, was an investigative reporter in US..used to work closely with the police on cases. She also worked at a crisis centre at night..she had a friend there called Ted..they became very close friends..not romantically..But then all these women started to die…ala serial killer style..and Anne started to write a book on the killer..turns out her friend Ted..was in fact TED BUNDY..she eventually called the book “the stranger beside me” the hairs of my neck stood up at every second page..Creepy meisie.. So Ms Rule is now an non-fiction true crime writer..which is exactly what i’m doing here at this miserable newspaper…

  11. tbhanks said,

    Oh bloody hell. The strangest things happen when you least expect it. Ted fucking Bundy. Damn.

  12. kash99 said,

    I’m sure Ms Rule was very surprised too…

  13. tbhanks said,

    I wonder if she discussed it all with him. do you know?

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  19. madamm said,

    Toby…some of the spam is a little revealing….

  20. tbhanks said,

    This shit annoys me. Really.

  21. Louisa said,

    Ooooh look, there’s another one!
    Is it your entire blog that this happens to?

  22. tbhanks said,

    I think so. In the past three or so weeks I’ve been getting loads and loads. I don’t know why though.

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