A jab for jag

June 13, 2007 at 2:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Shoved off like an unwanted stepchild. That’s what they’re doing. And in doing so spoiling it for the rest of us starry-eyed folk.
I mean, seriously. Do you really want to perve on a car that is not wanted by any big company? Instead of it being the luxury, ultimate status symbol it has now become the Thing Nobody Wants to Buy. Why Ford, why? We don’t care if it’s expensive!
I liked fantasising about owning a shiny Jag to take me around town one day when I’m rich enough to not work.
To show off to all those assholes who said journalists are pondscum. To prove to that bitch girl who stole the affections of my 15-year-old crush that a pert bum won’t get you everywhere (not that you can even see it in her green Nando’s garb).
But now I have to find something else because luxury is not luxury until it’s the most desired (and hardest to attain) thing. When people say they don’t want it, neither do we.



  1. kash99 said,

    Right meisie…so are we talking about Mr C, and who is this girl who now works at a, erm fast food joint????

  2. tbhanks said,

    I can’t remember the girl’s name but it brings me to that other tief that’s now working at Foschini in Promenade (ha, ha). She was so after Mr C it wasn’t even funny. The bitch. Her name was Tamara…

  3. kash99 said,

    Oh my God..tamara who was in teh same year as me?? Does she work at Foschini?? If it is the same tief..well, she mos also ran after emeraan!! She’s lelik!!

  4. tbhanks said,

    Kak lelik. It must’ve been her. Was she in your class? OMG!! Shame, you poor child. She was small, lived in the same road as the Stemmers brothers. That Tamara? I can’t remember her running after emeraan. Jirrie, did she make a habit of running after other women’s men???

  5. kash99 said,

    The exact same one, i’m afraid..but she wasnt in my class I was 10f and she was in the dumb class 10g..but make no mistake, she was lekka jas!!! When i was st 6, the school took us to Philippi stadium for a excersise of some sort, but as we were walking back, Rosslyn, u know her man..man vrou..called out Tamara! Tamara..and of course she turned around..then Rosslyn said: “Oe ek het gedink is Tamara, maar is Korkie.”shame and for a long time afterward, people called her, well, KORKIE!!!

  6. tbhanks said,

    Oh you joke! Jirrie, Rosslyn was taai. But minute for Tamara. Sies. She always looked so dirty.

  7. Louisa said,

    Seriously Tobes…you like(d) Jags? Why? They’re hideous!

  8. tbhanks said,

    No Louisa, no! They’re beautiful. Sleek, fast, oh, just fabulous.

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