I smell a rat

June 7, 2007 at 12:16 pm (colleagues and friends)

I sometimes wonder about the folk with whom I work. They’re mostly funny, some wacky but all crazy in a cool way. You just can’t be normal if you want to work here, is what I’ve concluded. Fortunately I do a bit of crazy myself quite well so don’t really feel out of sorts.
But every so often one of them exceeds the boundaries of what I call civilised craziness. Like this morning…I sit quite close the kitchen and overheard this conversation:

Friendly lady: So, how do you feel about the rats being gone?
Rat lady: Oh (sniffing), I had to take them to the vet to be put down. They were suffering too much and I didn’t know how to help them anymore.
FL: Oh no, that’s too bad. I’m so sorry.
RL: Yes, I’m going to miss seeing their little faces; every time I go into the kitchen I look around for them and realise they’re not there.
FL: (sympathetic noises) Aww, you could always get some more.
RL: No, no, I couldn’t do that. It’s simply too hard…those little faces…I miss them running on me and, and… (sniffing too much to talk).

At this point I tried not to listen because the thought of rats in my kitchen would make me flip. If it was dogs or cats, I’d understand. Really, I have nothing against pets.
And it’s not that I have anything against rats…ok, I’m lying, I do actually have something against rats.
I would die if I had any – even if they were pets. Gross people. Gross. This is not quirky crazy. It’s just madness.



  1. kash99 said,

    Well, lovey the people who work where u work can’t be all there…

  2. tbhanks said,

    Meisie, you have no idea…

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