Shaking that ass

June 1, 2007 at 8:33 am (gross, nice girls, sexist)

Has anyone seen the music video of Shakira and Beyonce gyrating all over the screen? Excuse me, I thought it was just sexist men who had boobs and bums all over the show.
Call me a prude but how ridiculous are these two rubbing up against walls, each trying to outwiggle the other?
These are two accomplished women who have great voices – do they really need to wear strips of leather, wet dresses and nipple-covers and simulate sexual acts against walls to make more money?
I don’t know…maybe I’m just overreacting but women did not fight long and hard to objectify themselves in this way when there are more than enough men to do it for them.



  1. Gail said,

    I completely agree. The sad thing is that young girls eat this shit up and act in out in there own lives…. Its so ironic that at a time when women supposedly have more opportunities that ever, they are more and more blatantly objectified by mainstream culture.

  2. tbhanks said,

    You’re right Gail – young girls are way to susceptible to this influence. Just walking in a mall is a nightmare for me; seeing these young minds going to rot because all they can think about is whether their jeans are tight enough, whether they have enough prepubescent cleavage showing…oh, the horror of it all.

  3. madamm said,

    well all I can say is that Shakira is the only one who can do the wiggle properly and Beyonce just looks like she’s going to break a hipbone. Give it a rest already. Let’s not kill the Karma…

  4. tbhanks said,

    I agree about Beyonce. Girl’s gotta stick to what she does best – and that is certainly not it. What Karma?

  5. madamm said,

    i dunno what karma- its in the song so I somme just wrote it
    Beyonce is moving to the left to the left too much in that video. I can have a field day with this.

  6. tbhanks said,

    Ha, ha. Lekka. I didn’t even hear the words – I was too fascinated with B shaking the booty. I kept on wondering if her waist could snap. Sy wil mossie gebeat wiesie.

  7. Louisa said,

    I saw it yesterday, not that you mention it…took a quick opinion poll and the consensus is that Shakira can pull off a convincing breast shake like Beyonce usually does, but B can never hope to compete with the half rattlesnake Shakira when it comes to the ass shake.

    It’s not a particularly good song though, or what? Maybe that’s the only thing they could think of to make it work?

  8. madamm said,

    look personally, I’ve never been a big shakira or beyonce fan. but shakira can do that ass thing better than anyone else (even the american girls at varsity were copying it!) and no, the songs are not particularly good. The only song by shakira that I actually really liked was underneath your clothes..

    you’re a song…written by the hands of God…

    but B’s waist is gonna snap one day. buleedat.

  9. tbhanks said,

    I agree, Louisa, the song is bad. No amount of ass shaking (good Shakira; bad Beyonce) or hair tossing (fairly good both); gyrating (equally disgusting both) and cleavage shaking (nee!) will make it better.

  10. kash99 said,

    NO..the video was quite shocking, and a bietjie lesbo too…i saw it for the first time now th other boyfriend was obviously impressed..i thought it was a little over the top..but who ever told Shakira she can sing!!!!

  11. tbhanks said,

    Definitely a bit of lesbo action there (not that there’s anything wrong with lesbians, mind you). I just think it’s demeaning to lesbians; all women in fact.

  12. kash99 said,

    Ag u know, its just a kak song seriously…

  13. tbhanks said,

    I can’t even remember the name or what it’s about. That should tell you how really bad it is. I don’t remember a SINGLE word uttered in it.

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