Definition of a Cape Coloured

May 24, 2007 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I was looking for something but then found this from here:

1. Cape Coloureds

A small race of people with mixed skin colour, referred to as coloureds in South Africa. NB: This is a non-racist term.

Cape coloureds are found in Cape Town especially and are wonderfully vibrant, strong people. A typical Cape coloured speaks fluent ‘Kombuis'(kitchen) Afrikaans; this is the informal more English version on Afrikaans.

They have notible accents, never ever get on their bad side. If you ever meet a bitchy coloured girl or a sleazy coloured guy, you’ll know why. They are the toughest race on the planet and can ‘wys’ you just like that.

An English accent: I like to got to Paris but I think it’s just a phase I’ll grow out of.

A typical Cape Coloured accent: I lyke to goh to Parr-ACE but I think is jus a f-ACE I’ll groh out of.



  1. Henry Trotter said,

    The Urban Dictionary “slang” project that you found this definition in seems very interesting, but this entry on Cape Coloureds reveals more about“Marie”, the apparent author of the definition, than it does about any group living in the Cape. Basically, “Marie” reproduces Victorian notions of coloureds as “tough,” “small,” “vibrant,” “bitchy,” “sleazy,” etc. These images are quite old. I find it ironic that, though the term “Cape Coloured” is not actually a slang term (we can think of other truly slang terms that refer to the group), “Marie” uses a slang idiom to define it.

    Intellectual value? Zero.
    Curiosity value? A wee bit.

  2. tbhanks said,

    You’re quite right Henry. I have several definitions of a Cape Coloured and agree with some aspects of what she says but also think it’s not the only aspects she mentions. I do think that coloured people in Cape Town are very different to coloured people in the rest of South Africa and perhaps Marie should’ve focused on that a bit more. Thanks for the insights.

  3. Rustum said,

    As Mookie (Spike Lee) says to Pino (Jon Turturro) in Do The Right Thing: If you ever see a nigger, kick his ass.

    So, if you ever see a ‘Coloured’, kick his ass.

  4. tbhanks said,

    Whoa there Rustum. What do you mean by that?

  5. Rustum said,

    I’m not entirely sure. I think Mookie means there’s no such thing. Or, if you see one, he/she deserves a kick because, if you DO see one, it’s because they are. The movie was made before ‘nigga’ became hip in hip hop. So I think Spike Lee was basically saying: ‘Nigger’ is a person who sees themself as they have been defined by racism, and therefore deserves to be kicked.

    Yes, I’m from that generation, and am with MrsM in her comments on Afrikaans: obsession with ethnic, racial, linguistic identity is limiting.

  6. tbhanks said,

    Oh ok, that makes more sense. But I think you can define yourself as coloured and be okay with it. I do. I suppose it all depends on whether you attach a negative connotation to the word coloured. If so, then you’ll attach all the bad stuff to it. I have written before on this blog about being coloured and said then that i don’t think it’s a bad thing. I get very pissed off, though, when people go on about coloured being negative and we should all be called San, Bushmen, whatever.

  7. Rustum said,

    Ja, I’m part of the generation that is not at all comfortable with that word. If I may plug my blog (heh heh):

  8. tbhanks said,

    Will have a look now then post accordingly. Very interested in what you say as this is a conversation I have not yet resolved ie. i haven’t had satisfactory answers as to why people don’t like it. Will check your space now.

  9. tbhanks said,

    Oh, and you can read more here:

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