What happened to global warming?

May 23, 2007 at 8:12 am (cold, global warming)

This weather is terrible. It was so cold last night I couldn’t feel my feet. This would’ve been fine if I was at home in bed but I was driving. My car switched off thrice. Thrice! Now before you think I’m a bad driver, some context – I drive this route every day and almost never switch off at a hill/robot. But not last night. I could barely feel the accelerator and clutch pedals. Damn.
But my groaning aside, what really scares me is the fact that Eskom is still wonky and that there are several people who don’t have a warm bed with several blankets in an insulated flat to go to. My heart bleeds for them – eight have already died. This will be the one time I welcome global warming.


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