It’s nice to eavesdrop

May 22, 2007 at 4:43 pm (eavesdrop, funny, gossip)

If you don’t yet know how – learn. There’s nothing better than eavesdropping no matter what your mother said about it being rude and impolite. I think eavesdropping is a rather underrated – and unappreciated – skill. We must all learn how.
Most of the time it’s unintentional anyway. You simply exist in the same space and listen. People say a lot of things when they don’t know you’re listening…Besides, if they’re dumb enough to ignore your brilliant presence it’s their own fault if they reveal little titbits you find intruiging.
There’s interesting information to be heard when you eavesdrop. In a work environment it can be especially useful. You can find out what’s happening; know of new developments; plot the way forward; or just be on top of the skinner.
The path to resigning from my first job, for example, started with eavesdropping. I overheard some things I didn’t like and decided to make moves to get the hell out. If I stand back and look at the way things are going over there, I am glad my ears were tuned in that day. Whew!
With friends and family it’s helpful to eavesdrop if you want to know if antie so-and-so is still welcome in the house and if you must offer her a cup of tea; or if you bitch granny is cutting your family out of the will ’cos you don’t visit her (but let’s not go there).
And of course, there’s always information to be found to rewrite in a post.
My point is: don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Don’t judge those who do it, especially if they’re honest about it. And don’t deny it when you’re doing it.
Happy eavesdropping.



  1. David said,

    Interesting … I indeed left a previous job due in large part to some ugly things I overheard – quite by accident, mind you, not specifically eavesdropping.

  2. tbhanks said,

    See – I told you most of the time it’s not intentional. And did it do you good to leave?

  3. madamm said,

    I like to eavesdrop on telephone conversations unintentionally.
    I shudder to think what people think after I spoke to you Toby!

  4. tbhanks said,

    Ha, ha. Yes, we do have interesting conversations indeed MrsM. I suppose it would make their day – what else do they have in their lives that could be more interesting than what we discuss?

  5. madamm said,

    like, WHO has a stink doos? Or something.

  6. tbhanks said,

    Ah…I’m sure they’d battle to have talks quite as saucy as ours. I mean, who in their right mind…?
    On that point: I’ve had so many search queries for mxit, naked girls, nude mxit pics…flippen unbelievable. There are obviously lots of people who actively go out there and SEARCH for nudie pics. this is hectic.

  7. madamm said,

    that’s crazy~~sies!

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