What kinda friendships have you?

May 11, 2007 at 6:14 pm (family, friends, love)

There are a few things in life you should always be grateful for. One of those things is the presence of good friends. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been with you for life or if they’ve been with you for a few years. If they’re there, they care (cheesy ne?). Some I hardly see and only occasionally email, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about them.
Seriously though – I have cut out all the people who pretended to be my friends because they were taking too much of my spirit. Poisonous friends, I call them. They’re the ones who sap your strength, your energy and your goodwill. And not to mention your wallet.
No matter how bad you feel or how guilty they make you feel (manipulation is one of their key characteristics), you need to cut them loose. Let them go. Clear your space because they’ll just bring you down.
Once you’ve cut away the dead wood you’ll have the ones who love you, care about you and will help you wipe away the snot when you’re too weak to lift your hand.
They’re the ones who will tell your man he’s a doos but support you if you stay with him. They’re the ones who will appreciate your inner beauty – because that’s what makes you special. Not the size of your boobs or the colour of your eyes or the length of your legs.
These are the friends you should treasure because they’ll be there no matter what. Mountains, oceans, Mango flights and frequent flyer miles doesn’t matter to them because when they’re with you in spirit, that’s all that counts.
To all my friends: thanks for being in my life and making it all worth it.



  1. madamm said,

    BEcause you make it worthwhile Toby…
    YOu’ve said it well.

  2. kash99 said,

    Ooh! I wonder who you are talking about…not me i hope! But i knwo exactly what u mean..i also have some people i would like to get rid of…bloody bitch!!

  3. tbhanks said,

    Never talk about you that way dear! I like you lots, remember. But ja, I know a lot of people who have friends that are just through the whatchamaycallit. Your ‘friend’ is definitely worse than any of the other stories I’ve heard recently though!

  4. kash99 said,

    I also like u a lot, even tho we dont see each other much..I hope u focken send me an invitation when u get married otherwise u off my list. OK!!??

  5. tbhanks said,

    Ja, ja, jirrie. A person is to young to get married now anyway but when i decide to walk over that edge, I’ll let you know. When are you getting married?

  6. kash99 said,

    Things are so nice now..i almost think we’ll spoil it by uprooting everything. But M mos always asks when are we going to have a, erm, baby. Dan se ek vir hom..my kind gaan nie a bastard wies nie…verstaan jy??
    It’ll happen when its supposed to..maybe he doesnt want to marry….again!! hee hee!!

  7. tbhanks said,

    Ja, put him on his place. A nice girl like you with a los laaitie. Wie dink hy is hy? It’s probably going to happen soon then…

  8. kash99 said,

    That’s the word i was looking for: los laaitie..and yes..in a few years time its guna be all or nothing…no in between.

  9. tbhanks said,

    I’m going to be such a cool auntie. That’s going to be a mooi baby, I just know it.

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