The joke of insurance

May 11, 2007 at 2:48 pm (annoying, funny, insurance)

Ok, what’s the deal with insurance dudes? Do they all read from the same script? I would slit my wrists if I had to go through all those questions so many times on a regular basis. But what freaked me out most was they all made the SAME jokes. And lame ones at that.
I mean, puhleez. You seriously have to hear them to get the whole picture. I can understand they have to ask the same questions because they need to know if they should cover me but the jokes were too much. They were as stale, stilted and mif as the bread you’d find in a bachelor’s fridge.
Insurance people should take note: people are not dumb. If they’re phoning around to get quotes from various companies they’ll know you’re being lame because they’ve heard the same “joke” from the three guys before you.
Don’t they make enough money to do some decent call centre training?


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