The pain of popping pills

May 10, 2007 at 9:14 am (drugs, generics, Nurofen, painkillers)

I love painkillers. Wait, before you peg me as some druggie nut, know that I only use about twice a month and for no other reason other than I would collapse in a painful heap if I didn’t. It’s not as if I pop them all the time folks. Really.
Anyway, lest you think I doth protest too much, let me continue. A friend was complaining about period pain and I showed her my stash of specially made Nurofen.
Smugly, I pointed out it’s especially made for one kind of pain, so I don’t even bother to buy the “normal” Nurofen anymore.
Friend turned to me and asked me for the normal box too (which I also happened to have from before my “discovery”) and said I should compare it.
TB: Huh?
She: Ingredients, check what they say.
TB: Um, hoe nou?
She: All pills have ingredients. See what the difference is. Wait, let me. My sister’s mos a doctor and she taught me this thing. [Grabs both boxes]
TB: [waiting anxiously] So, is it like a super-special ingredient?
She: Ha, ha. No, the one just has less sugar in its coating than the other.
TB: [outraged] What?! Can’t be. Not possible. Doesn’t the sugar make a difference (lame, really lame, Toby)???
She: [sighs] No Toby. That’s just a way to get you to think it’s special. It ups sales. Plus, you pay R52 for each box and I only pay R20. [smug now herself. Her brand of smug is certainly smugger than mine]
TB: Why, cos your sister’s a doctor?
She: No, I buy generic versions of Nurofen. They look the same but without the pretty box. They work the same too – all you need is the ibuprofen.
TB: Well screw me senseless…ok, not really, but why have I been in the dark for so long?
She: [nods in a sage-like way] It happens, jong. That’s how they make their money. Mine works just as well as yours.
TB: [frantically trying to find a way to come out tops in this conversation]. Well…um…I like the colours of the pretty  box…


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