David and Blogliath

May 10, 2007 at 3:13 pm (blogs, column, David Bullard, Sunday Times)

Ai David. You’re barely recovered from your gunshot. Why do you have to piss people off and risk another hail of bullets? Because that’s what you do, I guess.
Dave’s (can I call you Dave, David?) really got on people’s tits and I’ve resisted posting about it because the blogosphere is already filled with vitriol towards the guy. He probably won’t read this post because right now he’s coming up with slamdingers for his soon-to-be-launced blog. I can’t wait to see if he can make the transition.
I must confess I’m a big fan of his column in the ST but this doesn’t mean I agree with all he says. And I wonder if he realises a blog post is not just a column on a static page. Can he cross over to a different medium and still be successful? Lesser men have failed, Dave.
And remember, it’s easier to pour scorn on someone in the blog world – perhaps you put should some moderation in place.

Mrs M  and I were discussing the storm in a gig-cup and couldn’t help but notice that Dave’s getting a bit of exposure from influential corners. Read Mrs M’s observation here.


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