Wash your hands dammit

May 9, 2007 at 8:50 pm (cleanliness, germs, gross)

Do you wash your hands after you’ve been to the loo? C’mon now, ’fess up if you don’t then tell me why.
I just don’t understand how anyone on this planet can’t wash their hands after they’ve been to the loo. Granted, those who can barely afford running water don’t do it, but if you’re part of the monied society is there any reason not to?
See, this weirdness has been revealed to me because we have those dumb communal toilets at work – six in a row if you wanted to know.
I’ve seen a few people go in and out (while I’m washing my hands) without making for the tap. At first I thought it was because they’re in a hurry but now there are just too many for it to be a coincidence.
And keep in mind I only go to the women’s toilet so it’s not as if I can say dudes are gross and unclean. NO, it be da ladeez!!!
Why, oh why, would you not want to at least superficially rinse your hands after it’s been close to your bum? Surely you’re aware of all the germy-germs in that area. Worse still, it’s a communal toilet so other people’s germy-germs are there too.
Ok, I’m making myself naar with this topic. This is all I’ll ever say on this mess. Gross.


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