Farewell my friend

May 9, 2007 at 7:57 am (friends, missing, moving, packing)

To have the courage to just pack up and go – that’s what I want. My good pal has now said her final goodbyes before she heads off for the sunny, sandy beaches of
Thailand for an unknown period. A sabbatical, she says.
I am, of course, incredibly jealous but also in awe of her ability to do something like this. She has no job and only the money she’s saved up in her past four years of work but she has no fear because she’ll be traveling, seeing the world and not having to endure the drudgery of a nine to five.
My rational side practically winces at such a whimsical plan but there’s another part of me that wonders whether I could be a bit more like that. See, I’m a worrier.
That’s what I do – I worry about stuff that don’t need worrying about. What about money? Job? Plans? What if something happens? Will everyone else be okay? How will I cope? Etc, etc, etc. Worry, worry, worry. Geez, I should change my name to Worry Hanks, not to be confused with Horry Wanks.
Sometimes I wish I had some of her carefree spirit – alas, I’m too much of an eldest sister to throw so much caution to the wind. But perhaps one day I’ll, too, embrace my inner wild child and head off to the wide open spaces with nothing but a plane ticket and a twinkle in my eye. Now that would be the life.


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