The insanity that is insurance

May 8, 2007 at 1:18 pm (annoying, insurance, money, relax, sneaky)

How about this insurance thing, huh? You just gotta love it. They take your money on the off chance something will happen to your car. You have to install extra security features (which can cost quite a packet) to make your wheels safer if you still want to walk home with some cash come payday and if, heaven forbid, something actually happens to your car you have to beg like smack-whore needing some of the brown stuff to get even a little money from them. Your money, I might add.
But alas, I have to lay myself before these money-grabbing beasts. I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ve resisted for more than three years but since I now have a car that costs more than a pack of Smarties I have to submit to pressure from all corners (ja, Jerry Clyde, jy wiet mos).
Of course the thought of having to give into them makes me feel more and more POd by the minute so perhaps I shouldn’t think about it for now. I think it’s more of a principle thing anyway – I just don’t want to give these sharks their bait. Dammit, I want the pound of flesh to stay firmly in my pocket (if it can be there literally, I want it their figuratively too).
*Grumble, mumble* As if I don’t have enough extra expenses these days.



  1. batman5172 said,

    welcome to the real world. fun hey ;o)

  2. tbhanks said,

    I don’t like this growing up thing so much anymore…

  3. Lost-in-Jozi said,

    Tb: Don’t knock insurance til you don’t have it. I religiously pad my insurance on my wife’s car until the December we settled the car loan: 54 months of blood sweat
    & payments. We had a little burn the carpayment ceremony. I canclled my insurance policy..only reason I had it was the bank insisted on it. Two days later a goddamn uninsured, unlicenced taxi wrote himself and my wife’s car off.
    Pay the insurance.

  4. tbhanks said,

    Oi…*gulp* I think I’ll phone them right away!

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