May 7, 2007 at 9:03 am (annoying)

Usually I wouldn’t give a damn about new government services. I am, after all, a child of the 90s – I pay attention most when it’s something that concerns me directly. So now I’m really riled by the whole eNatis cock-up because I have to register my new car. It feels like I have indigestion.
Hello! I am enjoying my new pretty blue car (power-steering is the new chocolate. Ok, maybe not, but it’s close) but am dreading having to join all the other irked folk down at the municipality.
I mean, c’mon dudes, I don’t do queues. This is the type of thing I need a PA for. (Can a journo even have their own PA?) I’m sure he would be able to do it all quite capably and without the severe frustration bound to hit me when I enter the building. I’d even give him a bonus for sorting it all out. Any takers?



  1. Lost-in-Jozi said,

    My car licence expired at the end of April. I know I have a 21 day grace period to renew the licence, but am damned if I am going to stand in a queue to do so.
    I will wait til the backlog has been dealt with(if that’s ever gonna happen I dunno)

  2. tbhanks said,

    Oooohhh…don’t even try to get a car licence now. That queue was even longer than the one for registration for new vehicles. The good thing, though, is if you get a stamp they can’t fine you. Unfortunately you still have to go to the hellhole for a stamp. I’ll hold thumbs for you Lost-in-Jozi. We can just keep each other going strong.

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