Scarlet blood on their hands

April 27, 2007 at 3:27 pm (crime, frustrated, missing)

I wonder how they sleep at night. Surely, having blood on your hands is enough reason to keep one awake. I would certainly not be able to live myself if I were them.
A few days ago we got word one of our colleagues had died in a car crash. It was awful – she’d had the day off because it was her birthday and had lost control of her car before hurtling down on on-ramp off the N2.
But worse, was finding out she didn’t have a driver’s licence. How’s that possible, I asked. She had just bought the car a few months ago. Well, it turns out you don’t need a driver’s licence when you buy a car. For heaven’s sake, where is the logic in that??? You need a goddamn TV licence to buy a TV so how the hell can they sell someone a car without a friggin licence???!!! Those who sell and those who allow these sales are evil, gutless worms. Profit above life. The theme of our times, it seems.
Ok, needless to say, I’m a bit wound up about this. But jirrie, is there no way they can be held accountable? Yes, she was an adult who knew she should get one but, dammit, if she wasn’t allowed to buy that car because she wasn’t a legal driver, then she might still be alive today.
I don’t know how this piece of legislation has been allowed to slip under the radar. Surely it must be illegal, criminal even? It never even occurred to me that the law says it’s ok to do it. Shouldn’t we be doing something more about this? I want to petition. Watch this space.

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