All about the colour

April 24, 2007 at 8:37 am (Uncategorized)

I happened to be home last night and caught an episode of popular soap 7de Laan. I used to watch this soap often because I had to do a project at varsity on it. It was kinda addictive (I know, I know) but have since stopped watching as I work late most nights.
But here I was sitting in front of the tv. Then I remembered the furor that erupted in an Afrikaans newspaper a few months ago.
If you’re not familiar with the outrage from readers here’s a snapshot: people were saying they’d boycott the soap if they ever introduced an interracial couple. So far there’s never been a mixed race couple in the show. No, not even George and Karien cos he’s Greek and classified Caucasian, according to those who know. So if the producers decided to have a mixed couple introduces readers would stop watching. One woman even went so far as to say her nine-year-old kid watches the show and what kind of family values would something like that teach him…I kid you not, dear reader, that is what she said.
It got quite nasty when some writers gave their points (Jana-Mariana Human managed
to seriously irk some readers. Ha, ha).
Anyway, back to my viewing patterns now. In this episode Felicity and Vanessa were at loggerheads over Xander; Aggie and Alyce over Themba. Because there’s the obvious lack of black and coloured men the women have to fight over the few available ones. Clearly hooking up with Marko or Altus (sorry Paula) would just not work.
I could go on forever about the issues I have with the soapie’s direction but should stop now because there’s simply not enough space.
What I want to know from you is what you think of it. Should they keep it the way it is and not reflect real life to protect those who still want “innocent, pure love” (I’m falling off my bed as I’m laughing while writing this). Does it even matter? 

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