Just a little drop

April 20, 2007 at 2:51 pm (longing, love, private personal space, relax)

I bawled like mad last night after watching Sweet November for the bazillionth time. Every time I watch that film it gets me. I know what’s going to happen yet the tears just can’t stop flowing. How sad is that?
Same thing happens with Someone Like You…the Ashley Judd/Hugh Jackman combo just triggers the tear ducts.
But instead of feeling bad about it I’m treating it like a little me-time. I get to go bonkers for a small bit of time and just let it all out. Crying is, after all, therapeutic even if it makes your eyes look like swollen balloons afterward (cucumber really does help but it must be cold).
And if I ever have to watch King Kong in public, I’ll be sure to wear dark glasses…(yes, really).


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