Regrets and other vague memories

April 17, 2007 at 9:04 am (colleagues and friends, family, friends)

My friend has gone in for his op today. I tried calling him but he’s on his way already. I should’ve called him two days ago, I know, but waited until it’s too late. Sigh. Just another thing to regret. In that spirit I’m listing five things I’ve regretted doing this year. But also five things I have absolutely no regrets about.

1. That I didn’t phone my friend sooner.
2. Not spending enough time with my family and friends.
3. Keeping quiet about things that made me unhappy.
4. Not reading enough books.
5. Not taking more holidays and planning overseas trips.

No regrets:
1. Applying for a new job then declining even when I got it because it wasn’t the right thing at the right time.
2. Only spending time with the people I love and/or care about.
3. Not eating any more pies.
4. Weeding out undesirables from my life.
5. Starting this blog.

 I very seldom reflect on things I’ve done – whether right or wrong, but sometimes it helps to get a little push in the right direction. Sometimes we just need to think about the things we’ve done and where we’re going.
Tell someone you love them today still.



  1. batman5172 said,

    ons is nogal heel soppy vandag ne?
    don’t worry i’m also kinda soppy my other half is only coming home of the 26th

  2. tbhanks said,

    shame man. You’ll survive. It’s only a week away. And when she gets back you can take her for a long ride in the batmobile. I’m sure she’s going to lurvvvve that.

  3. MrsM said,

    Man, I am proud of you. Reflection is only like ,the most important inventory one has to take every few months. I agree with batman, soppy…but soppy is SO great. I mean, you’re talking to HRH of soppy…about those regrets…you know everyone has them…but it’s never too late to make amends.

  4. tbhanks said,

    That is true, Mrs M. But it’s damn difficult to make amends or do something differently when you’ve been doing it for so long. And self-reflection, although good for you, is a painful, difficult process. I wouldn’t recommend anyone go in there lightly…

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