Let my air out

April 12, 2007 at 6:09 pm (Uncategorized)

There are some things that define coloured people from Cape Town. Worrying about mags is one of them. This was highlighted again when Jerry Clyde, aka Batman, had a puncture last night. Instead of worrying about how he has to change a his tyre, he worries about how his car is going to look without that one mag (it does nogal look funny; I checked). It’s still not as bad as  a friend who started saving for his car radio system. Before he had a car.

As Jerry Clyde would say to that friend, yes ja!



  1. Batman said,

    yes ja indeed. I guess this is wot girls feel like when they get a zit. the shit just stands out and fucking ppl keep staring. my baby will be fixed up soon though and will be back to her beautiful self in no time. a person mos has a certain standard to maintain

  2. tbhanks said,

    Don’t boys get zits? I mean, c’mon, why do you have to make it a girl thing?

  3. Batman said,

    because only girls freak out about them. it’s just another pimple to a boy, will most of us anyways ;o)

  4. tbhanks said,

    But if girls see a pimple on a boy, he can forget. You know she won’t like that shit. Niks gevryery vi hom nie!

  5. Batman said,

    ja but not for long, girls see a pimple as the end of the world we see it as some alone time, ;o)

  6. tbhanks said,

    But if you get labelled pimple face, that name’s going to stick and some “alone” time becomes the rest of your life…Didn’t you have a boy called pysie gevriet at school (shame, I felt really sorry for our one as I also had bad acne at that time).

  7. Batman said,

    nah not at my school so i cant really comment. but that does sound rather sad. the rest of your life you say? btw have you seen that really kak ad on tv skin free? i had pimples all my life and after using skin free I’m Like so Beautiful man and you can be beautiful too. i so hate informercials. I like that snotty ad too, very cool.

  8. tbhanks said,

    I didn’t see that ad, no. But a product called skin free? Hello, we want skin! We don’t want to be free of our skin. Marketing people can sometimes be the dumbest people on the planet.

  9. Batman said,

    i hear you, it’s just a really stupid name for a product. i’m bored and hungry, wanna go home. how’s it going over there?

  10. tbhanks said,

    Ok, I guess. Have some work to do but it’s Friday, the sun is shining and, um, it’s Friday…

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